Athens GA live music review: AthFest Music and Arts Festival, Classic City American Music Festival, etc.

Gregory Frederick is behind the camera, Athens GA Live Music Designed to document local and touring bands performing on the stages of the Classic City. Explore the entire archive and subscribe to the channel here. Check out recent performances below and be sure to check back flagpoleWeekly music calendar for upcoming shows.

these songs and Joe Cat Play on Wednesday, June 19th at the 40 Watt Club.

Elven power Performing at the official AthFest launch party on Thursday, June 20th at Ciné.

Woody Garrison and Bentley Rhodes That night the Shebang Delang Jubilee & Magic Show performed in honor of Daniel Hutchens at Live Wire.

girl porn, answering machine (Texas), hazy and pink table Performed at Flicker Theater & Bar that night.

World famous host Lillian Huggins (Asheville) that night.

Friday at AthFest

Friday 21st June, hosted by The Wicked Weed Stage Organic Programming, Cardynal + The Flock, Nicholas Mallis and Borealis, Asymptomatic and hefner.

On the hospitable South Hull Street stage, Neat Freak, Goodhost, Forrest is not dead and triplicate Play, then a silent disco trophy boy.

Dead Vibes Ensemble, Husk and Nihilus Performed at Ciné.

commune Play in flash.

Cannon Rogers and scare Playing at the 40 Watt Club.

Gabriella Deliponte and horpas Performed at the Georgian Theatre.

Anne Lees Played in Hendershot.

Cam and his Dam Jam Band, bird dog jubilee and alien funk academy Performed at Live Wire.

honey puppy and wyuka Playing at Nowhere Bar.

Smokey Jones and the Three Dollar Pistol and Cobanova Play at Palomar Park.

osista and ancient baby Play at the Roadhouse.

Saturday at AthFest

Wicked Weed Main Stage on Saturday 22nd June Swing Theory, The Original Screw Tops, Peach Ice Cream Bluegrass, Empress Mokah, Freeman Leverett, Ansley Stewart Band, Farin, Sajaad, Wonderland Rangers and jameson tank.

On the hospitable South Hull Street stage, JOMAnimals, Pickled Holler, TWIN, Frank the Eagle, Lungs, feather trade and Kilkenny cats Played with.

CCSD KidsFest stage was held Georgia Children’s Chorus and Camping Amp.

Shaykh, NAW, 69 handsome guys, Hungry Hymn and Rabbits Performed at Ciné.

dim watt, Buis and Luohuake Play in flash.

There are monsters here, burning like fire and magic elixir Playing at the 40 Watt Club.

shut up person Played at the Foundry.

Maps and atlases, Maserati and Tower Re-enactor Society Performed at the Georgian Theatre.

bones of saint michael and new orleans jazz stompers Showing at Universal Studios.

Slugga2x, Chiki Flow and Domino, Tyl3r Davis and Lil Darius Performed at Live Wire.

Rose Hotel, Spencer Thomas, Elijah Johnston and pink gemstone Playing at Nowhere Bar.

Ocho Playing ball at Palomar Park.

couch worship and Swear words Performing at the Roadhouse.

Sunday at AthFest

Wicked Weed Main Stage on Sunday, June 23rd IAMTIKICA and TLC, The Royal Velvet, Avery Deakins, The Ain’t Sisters, Boulevards, Bloodlines and venerable tribble and deacons.

Presented by Hospitality South Hull Street Stage Julia Newt, “Infinite Favor,” Brendan Abernathy, Tony B., Scott Lowe and Blue Stock, and heart of pine.​​J-4

CCSD KidsFest stage was held Clark Central Honors Chamber String Orchestra.

low white Performing at Nowhere Bar on Wednesday 26th June.

O key and Rui Gabriel Performing at Flicker on Tuesday, July 2nd.

Abnormal, big trouble and Delta 8 Playing in Bouves that night.

Hosted by Shadow Beast cheap cigars, fire blood and Daiglo mourns Friday, July 5 on Flicker.

Quantum Oscillator, Heidi & Mo, Woody Garrison, Artie Ball Trio and Timmy Conley Play in the quarry.

The Foundry Presents Classic Urban American Music Festival Norma Rae, MrJordanMrTonks, The Welfare Liners, BorderHop Trio, Grassland and Packway Handlebar Trio That day.

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