Glenelg Winter Arts Review: Music Speaks

Christine Ibrahim is extremely talented and has all the attributes of a professional (as does her supporting cast)

Proposed by: circus diva production
Review date: July 6, 2024

The Glenelg Winter Festival (from the team that brings you the Adelaide Fringe Gluttonous Garden) proves once again that cold weather is no excuse for not attending performances and arts shows during the Adelaide winter.

Glenelg’s Colley Reserve is once again a hotspot of activity this winter, with arts and music lovers taking advantage of the high quality and diverse program on offer. The area is warm and inviting, with an open fire pit, bar and cozy atmosphere.

This year’s performances include Music speaks, brought to us by Christine Ibrahim and Cirque Songstress Productions. Hailed as a conversation surrounding the hidden meanings and backstories of some of the world’s most famous musical numbers, Music speaks It is intended to be a relaxed and inclusive show that the audience can participate in without becoming a spectacle.

Ibrahim’s voice and insight are truly impressive. She deserves the awards he has accumulated. However, the show itself was overused in the way it felt relaxed during the rehearsal stages. During certain transitions, Ibrahim seems unsure of what’s coming next, and her supporting cast can’t clarify.

But to their credit, they don’t seem worried about it. Everyone gets through these awkward moments with confidence and without shame or embarrassment, but it still leaves the audience feeling like the show isn’t “ready” yet.

However, Ibrahim is extremely talented and has all the attributes of a pro (as does her support cast). She is charming, affable, and dedicated to her craft. Matt Casey’s magic was cute and endearing, and Hayley Mills impressed with her spinning ring skills.

It may not be ready in 2024, but I will still check it out Music speaks If you come again next year. There’s a lot about this show that shows a lot of potential, and the talent is definitely there. It will take another 12 months to adjust and if they come back we could see quite the spectacle.

reviewer Doug Phillips

Place: Glenelg Winter Arts Festival “Kingfisher”
season: Finish

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