South Pasadena Summer Art Crawl | Jones Coffee and Seventh Ward Host Arroyo Series Art & Music | South Pasadena

Photo: Esteban Lopez | South Pasadenan | Artwork by Richard Negri
Photo: Esteban Lopez | South Pasadenan | Artwork by Richard Negri

The South Pasadena and surrounding communities are invited to attend the Summer Art Crawl on Saturday, July 13th from 4pm to 9pm. The Seventh Ward Contemporary Art Gallery will partner with Jones Coffee Roasters to showcase the work of a variety of artists and musicians during the citywide event. The cafe will also host an artist reception for photographer and videographer Mark Woods, highlighting his photography exhibition “Arroyo Series.”

Poster Artwork: Ella Trimarchi

Sponsored by the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, this family-friendly community night welcomes the community to experience a variety of interactive activities, open houses, specialty food and beverages from local vendors and restaurants, and shopping throughout the business district. Mission Street and adjacent neighborhoods will host lively events throughout the evening.

Explore the Arroyo Collection:
Mark Woods Art Exhibition at Jones Coffee Roasters [3PM to 5PM]

Arroyo Series, an exhibition of photographs by Mark Woods, will be on display at Jones Coffee Roasters in South Pasadena from Saturday, June 29 to Sunday, July 28, 2024. Visit the cafe during the Art Crawl from 3pm to 5pm to meet the artists and view the exhibition during the artist reception.

In the upcoming photography exhibition Arroyo seriesMark Woods presents a series of images taken over six years at the Pasadena Arroyo. The images were created using a review camera, black and white film, and printed on archival fiber paper without any digital steps in the image production process.

For more information about the exhibition and a brief history of Mark Woods, please visit the website titled Art in Focus: Mark Woods and the Arroyo Series.

Art and Music Garden [3PM to 7PM]

The patio area of ​​Jones Coffee Roasters will host an eclectic artist booth exhibition, showcasing local favorites as well as newer additions. We’re also excited to announce a line-up of musicians who will be performing original music, spanning genres like rock, Latin folk, and Delta blues.

Music lineup

coyote cry (3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) – The guitar duo, led by James Whooley, will perform original folk and acoustic rock songs to showcase their recent EP Of an Evening, curated exclusively for the South Pasadena Art Crawl. 》tracks in.

Photo: Courtesy of Esteban Lopez | South Pasadenan | Singer-songwriter Leah Cordova
Photo: Courtesy of Esteban Lopez | South Pasadenan | Singer-songwriter Leah Cordova

Cordoba (5-6 p.m.)—Singers and songwriters perform original Latin folk music.

william fox (6pm-7pm) – By popular demand, solo guitarist William Fox will perform Delta blues, Americana, folk, country and roots music. In performances, Fox provides historical insights into music and instruments, delivering engaging musical performances and historical lessons in American music. This is a show that families and music lovers alike are sure to love!

art booth

Anna Lega-Hawkes – Abstract artwork created with acrylic, paint, and metallic markers on stretched canvas, often described as a stained glass window style painting. Anna’s current collection of artwork is inspired by street art, music and movement.

Ann Apek – Presenting a collection of original artwork and prints in a unique, colorful and whimsical style, often created in acrylic and watercolor and occasionally in black India ink. The art collection includes a variety of sizes, from small pieces on paper to large artworks on wood panels or stretched canvas. For more information about annEpeck, read the article titled “Authentic Self: Artist and Writer annEpeck’s Art Exhibit at Jones Coffee Roasters” published in South Pasadenan.

Ann Apek
Photo: Alisa Hayashida | South Pasadenan News | Artist and writer annEpeck has an exhibition at Jones Coffee Roasters in South Pasadena, California.

Jesus Cruz – Impressionist Abstract Pop Art depicts a variety of pop culture scenes with an emphasis on vibrant color and movement, offering original artwork and prints. Cruz’s art has been exhibited throughout Southern California, including the Santa Ana Downtown Art Walk and the First Thursday Art Walk in Laguna Beach.

Richard Negri – Richard Negri specializes in expressive portraiture, painting imaginary faces on canvas or framed canvases of varying sizes using acrylic, ink, watercolor or charcoal. For more information about Richard Negri and his artwork, please visit the blog titled “Richard Negri” The Art of Storytelling: A Captivating Portrait of Richard Negrior browse his online gallery at S7CAG.

Theresa Kennedy – Pasadena, California-based artist Theresa Kennedy launches her first series of Impressionist-influenced artworks. From abstract compositions to provocative landscapes, Kennedy’s work invites viewers to discover hidden depths through intricate layers and textures, blending visual storytelling with profound emotional expression. In addition, she will showcase never-before-seen photos taken during her travels around the world. For more information about Theresa Kennedy and her artwork, please visit the website titled Theresa Kennedy’s First Public Exhibition: A Celebration of Abstract and Landscape Artor browse her online gallery at S7CAG.

evil mushroom High quality hand crocheted mushrooms, bees and imaginary creature figures in a variety of sizes and styles. Wicked Shrooms is known for its use of quality materials and intricate crochet techniques. Be sure to visit this stall early as items tend to sell out quickly!

Photo: Esteban Lopez | News | Jones Coffee Roasters on Mission St


Street parking is available on Mission Street and adjacent blocks. Other parking options include the Mission-Meridian Parking Lot and the Mound Avenue Public Parking Lot.

See you there then!

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