The story behind Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up”

delvalle Back then, we would just use sound effects or mute the bad parts. But they brought “Back That Thang Up” and we just knew, Okay, this is coming..

charles Whenever there were other requests, people would call, “I want to hear ‘Back That Thang Up,’ ‘Back That Thang Up.'” It became, “This is New Orleans, this is who we are. We want to hear Listen to it. I don’t care how many times you play it, play it in rotation, play it at mix shows, play it when we do live shows.

juvenile I went to clubs in town the first weekend the album came out and I got real reactions every time it came out. I’m getting the same reaction now. Women are going crazy, shaking their butts everywhere. everywhere. Old women, young women, big women, thin women.

delvalle We wanted to lead this with a video, and we thought having him perform at a concert in New Orleans and capturing the whole bouncy element was the best way to launch the record.

charles The incident took place in a park in AL Davis Park, a residential area in Central City, New Orleans. The scene was very chaotic.

Manny Fresh Every time we shot a scene and the director put it back, I was like, “Well, no one is going to not believe this is New Orleans.” It was like, “This is really how we live.” After it came out, People would say, “Well, where did you get the props? How did you get the dog?” And I thought, “This is real life in New Orleans.”

“Back That Azz Up” peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100, which hardly reflects its longevity or popularity. The song received renewed attention after Juvenile included it on his album Tiny Desk concert appearance last year. Artists like Drake, Beyoncé and even Lil Wayne sampled The song is a staple at backyard barbecues and unforgettable weddings. Many, such as Ava, the principal of “Albert Primary School” (by Janelle James), found it simply irresistible.

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