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A circle has no beginning or end. It is unlimited.

Galway Music Residency is delighted to launch its innovative new collaboration programme, Full Circle, as part of the 2024 Galway International Arts Festival programme.

Full Circle takes you on a fascinating musical journey, exploring cyclical structures and themes both domestic and international with a group of Galway musicians. This meditative and energetic work for string quartet, piano and Indonesian gamelan is composed by the ConTempo Quartet, musician and composer Bianca Gannon and the In Flow Gamelan Group, a group of intellectually disabled people. Played by a tonal percussion ensemble composed of performers).

Full Circle is the latest collaborative project in Galway Music Residency’s innovative history of exploring the fusion of genres and arts, with the resident ConTempo Quartet Ensemble at its heart. In this iteration, Indonesian gamelan takes center stage, a percussion ensemble composed primarily of various types of tuned gongs and metal key instruments.

Galway Music Residency is committed to providing all Galway citizens with the accessibility and right to participate in music as a spectator, student or musician and is delighted to be partnering with the In Flow Gamelan Ensemble. Formed in 2016, this dynamic musical group consists of five talented performers with intellectual disabilities, led by musicians Andrew Madec and Aengus Hackett. With the support of That’s Life, the critically acclaimed arts program provided by Brothers Charitable Service Galway, In Flow has received the encouragement and resources it needs to thrive. That’s Life is renowned for its commitment to providing opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to explore and develop their artistic talents. By collaborating with renowned artists and participating in top art projects, participants like those at In Flow are able to unleash their full creative potential and share their artistic talent with the world.

The collaboration was brokered by Galway-born musician and composer Bianca Gannon. Inspired by a decade-long exchange with Indonesia, Bianca plays both resonant piano and percussion. As a composer, Bianca is inspired by the connections between us as she reveals the similarities between seemingly disparate elements. Full Circle will feature several pieces by Bianca, including new pieces commissioned specifically for this performance.

Tickets cost €16 and can be booked at

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