New Eastman Medical Center for the Performing Arts integrates music into therapy

This interdisciplinary center encompasses the University of Rochester schools and its medical center.

The region’s only program that integrates music, art, health care and research to advance healing is now called the Eastman Center for Performing Arts Medicine, a name that represents the growing influence of the University of Rochester initiative.

This interdisciplinary center combines the resources and artistic expertise of the world-renowned Eastman School of Music with the cutting-edge treatment and scientific research of the University of Rochester Medical Center. The newly designated virtual center focuses on clinical services for artists, creative arts therapy for inpatients, scientific research and performance in clinical spaces. It provides:

  • Provides specialized care for artists facing acute and chronic injuries. For repetitive motion injuries, vocal cord strains and mental health challenges, performing artists have access to UR Medicine experts. Together they focus on treatment and recovery while continuing to perform.
  • Provide patients with soothing musical performances at the university’s Wilmot Cancer Institute and Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital. World-class musicians provide “pop-up performances” to create moments of calm and reduce stress for visitors, patients and staff.
  • Music and art therapy for patients Received care in the Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at Pluta Cancer Center, Golisano Children’s Hospital, and Strong Memorial Hospital.
  • A series of new studiesConducted by an expanding team of faculty, the study examines the neural mechanisms that make music therapy an effective tool for therapy and pain management, as well as data on common injuries among performing artists to extend career longevity, particularly in music education.

“I am delighted that the University of Rochester has designated the Eastman Center for the Performing Arts Medical Center as an official center. This title supports the incredible work, research and success that has been achieved since the program’s inception in 2019, as well as the need for the center to will have lasting impacts at the national and international levels.

“Music has a positive impact on our bodies, minds and souls, especially during times of illness or injury,” said David Linehan, CEO of the University of Rochester Medical Center and dean of the School of Medicine and Dentistry. During the recovery process. “The Eastman Medical Center for the Performing Arts brings together the strengths of the Eastman School of Medicine and the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry to harness the power of music and medicine to support our patients, musicians and communities. “

“The steady growth of the Eastman Performing Arts Medicine Center over the past five years and its designation as a center validates the impact of the arts on our health and well-being and the University of Rochester’s place in the growth of this field,” ” said center director Gaelen McCormick.

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