Glastonbury 2024 live: SZA tracklist, Sunday highlights, commentary and BBC live stream

Avril Lavigne performs Sk8er Boi at Glastonbury Festival 2024

R&B artist SZA is wrapping up Glastonbury Festival 2024 after Shania Twain took the coveted Legends Slot stage.

The Grammy winner appeared to have a much smaller audience than early headliners Coldplay and Dua Lipa as revelers rushed home to avoid traffic and perform at four other major stages In conflict.

Earlier, pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne graced the Other Stage with hits like “Sk8r Boi” and “My Happy Ending,” while Shania Twain performed at Legends Slot suffered from sound issues.

Following pop star Dua Lipa’s stunning performance on Friday (June 28), rock band Coldplay took to the Pyramid Stage to accept the award for a record-breaking fifth time. tower.

Throughout their career, the band performed many hits, including “Yellow” and “Clocks,” while also featuring a number of surprise guests including rapper Little Simz, singer Laura Mvula and back to the Future Starring Michael J. Fox.

Throughout the weekend, an eclectic lineup will perform on stages at the massive festival.

Here’s the full line-up and playing times for Glastonbury Festival 2024.


Little Simz perform at Glastonbury Festival 2024

Little Simz perform at Glastonbury Festival 2024

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 23:01


SZA dresses up as a real fairy to save fans

That was so cute just now: SZA dressed up as a fairy and paused the show to ensure security could reach some fans in need.

Talk about a fairy godmother.

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 22:50


Emily Eavis ‘already in talks to perform at Glastonbury Festival 2025’

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 22:41


Readers, I’m a little pissed off at Glastonbury right now

Well, obviously I know nothing about the logistics involved in planning a festival. I can only imagine this is a real pain. However, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that the organizers concentrated three major artists (Janelle Monae, Burna Boy, SZA) on the Pyramid Stage on Sunday, while large acts were held on other stages. The fact that all three artists are black doesn’t look good either, given Glastonbury’s historically overwhelmingly white headliners.

It doesn’t help that SZA is currently knocking out Dua Lipa’s show regardless of the audience size. She has the star wattage that Dua lacks, no matter how hard she tries. The R&B singer has charisma, not to mention those beautiful vocals.

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 22:38


Cyndi Lauper reviews Glastonbury 2024: A celebratory reminder of a career

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 22:21


SZA opens Glastonbury Festival, sparse crowds amid major clashes

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 22:15


Coldplay open with Yellow, record-breaking headline set at Pyramid Stage

Coldplay open with Yellow, record-breaking headline set at Pyramid Stage

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 22:01


Here’s a (not so good) screenshot from the BBC live broadcast, showing the dwindling crowd on the Pyramid Stage

(British Broadcasting Corporation)

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 21:47


Our reporter/critic Louise Chilton said he saw an “incredible” number of people leaving the festival.

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 21:42


‘We have to keep fighting’: Simon Pegg, Sophie Duke and Greenpeace on climate activism at Glastonbury

With a general election approaching, activists are campaigning harder than ever to get members of Congress to recognize the climate crisis. Mark Beaumont reports from Greenpeace at Glastonbury

Roisin O’ConnorJune 30, 2024 21:41

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