WYEP Summer Music Festival brings together artists from around the world

WYEP’s Summer Music Festival returns to Schenley Plaza on Saturday, June 29 for its 25th edition. , developed their craft.

WYEP host Rosemary Welsh has been with the station since 1981 as a volunteer.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Priyanka Tewari: As far as I know, this year’s WYEP Summer Music Festival is also a celebration of WYEP’s 50th anniversary. What’s going on here? Double trouble?

Rosemary Welch: Many of the stations created in the 1970s were intended for community use. Most of them disappeared. We’ve survived because we’ve adapted, we’ve evolved, and that’s because the community wants it. So what we want to do is give back to the community. So we came together for music. Auckland has a beautiful setting and we offer free music for the whole family.

The festival is actually held near the original station site, right?

When I stand on the stage and look out to Schenley Plaza, what I see is the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning. The transmitter was located on top of this building many years ago. besides [radio station’s] The original building was a basement and was actually once a stable. Just a few blocks away. So it’s a homecoming.

WYEP host Rosemary Welsh

WYEP host Rosemary Welsh

What can we expect from this year’s festival?

It’s international, but it also has a very important Pittsburgh base. The headliners are a trio led by a woman named Hannah Joy. They are called middle children. They are from Sydney, Australia. Their last album won [Australian] The equivalent of a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album of the Year. They’re smart, they’re melodic, and I think a lot of people will be exposed to something really special.

What Pittsburgh bands can we expect to see?

There is a young woman named Mani Bahia who is also a DJ and producer. We have a great band, Chariot Fade, who go back to classic soul and add their own Pittsburgh mix to it. Ames Harding of Phantom and Ames Harding will also be in attendance. This is a guy who was born in Guatemala. He lived in Egypt and India. He came here from Chile. So his music has influences from all over the world.

Are there any other performances at the festival that you’re excited about?

I like Oh He Dead. they are from [Washington] DC Their leader is a very attractive young woman named CJ Johnson. They’ll make you get up and dance. And Bluebird, a guy from [United Kingdom] She can make a lot of noise using just herself and her guitar.

WYEP Summer Music Festival It will be held on Saturday, June 29 at Schenley Plaza. This free, family-friendly event starts at 3 p.m. Bicycle PGH Complimentary bike valet service will be provided.

The audio for this interview was produced by WESA’s Susan Scott Peterson.

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