2024 Kresge Artist Fellowship and Gilda Snowden Emerging Artist Award Winners Announced

Thirty-five area musicians, animators, performing artists, filmmakers and other creatives will share in $1 million in unrestricted prizes as part of the 2024 Kresge Artist Fellowship and Gilda Snowden Emerging Artist Award .

Last fall, the Kresge Foundation and the Kresge Center for the Arts in Detroit announced that the amount of scholarships this year would increase from $25,000 to $40,000 and the number of scholarships would increase from 20 to 25.

“It’s heartening to see the work of Metro Detroit’s arts community take center stage during some of the city’s most celebratory moments over the past few months: the opening of Michigan Grand Central Terminal, the NFL Draft, the Sports Music Festival, the Kresge Fund centennial and more,” Rip Rapson, president and CEO of the Kresge Foundation, said in a press release. “These outstanding artists and arts groups remind us that Detroit’s cultural creators were a source of vitality long before these momentous events, actively cultivating the vibrant Detroit and city in the making that we know today. We are proud Be able to support them.

Here are this year’s winners by category:

Kresge Artist Fellow in Film and Music

Juanita Anderson, interdisciplinary

Beat all that rhymes with Detroit, interdisciplinary

Stephanie Christian, Music creation and performance

Damian Crutcher, music performance

Maurice Draughn, Music creation and performance

Katie Dressner, interdisciplinary

Aisha Ellis, music performance

Ian Finkelstein, Music creation and performance

Tamara Finley, Cartoon

Linna Forest, Movie director

Gabriel Hall, interdisciplinary

high tech, interdisciplinary

ink, Music creation and performance

Shkod, Music creation

Razi Jaffrey, Movie director

Wem Namu, Movie director

Lara Sfeir, Movie director

Ursula Walker, music performance

Kresge Live Art Artist Fellow

Imani Maat Amhemra Amen Taylor, dance

Ava Ansari, Performance art

flying cardboard theater, interdisciplinary

Git Master Mike, dance

Founder of Keita, Performance art

Jorah Thacker, choreographer

TETRA – Digital Underground Railroad, interdisciplinary

Each artist will receive a no-strings-attached prize of $40,000.

Gilda Snowden Emerging Artist Award for Film and Music

Steve Saul Ansara, music performance

Drummer B, music performance

In bonsai, interdisciplinary

Hannah E. Farhum, Movie director

Ms. Hillier, interdisciplinary

Maddie Schubeck, Movie director

skinny trell, interdisciplinary

Gilda Snowden Live Art Emerging Artist Award

galaxy, Performance art

Miriam G. Johnson, Dance and Choreography

Mike Southday CQ, storytelling

The awards, named for the late mentor and emerging artist Gilda Snowden, will each receive a $5,000 award.

According to the organization, awards in each category are proportional to the relative number of applications received. Winners are selected by a panel of regional and national experts who change the cycle of each award.

For more information, visit Kresge.org.


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