Wolfgang Tillmans calls for more funding for art and music in schools: “I hope the new government will listen”

Wolfgang Tillmans has called on the incoming UK government to provide more funding for arts and music in schools.

The iconic photographer made the request during a shoot for 2024 Peugeot The Attitude Pride ICON Awards were held today at OWO Raffles Hotel London.

“There is effectively no art education in British schools anymore,” says the iconic photographer. “For a country that is proud of itself [on] Design, art and music, as a huge economy… I just never understood the logic of taking art and music education out of the curriculum over the last decade.

Speaking ahead of the July 4, 2024, election, Tillmans further added: “I can only hope that the new administration listens.”

“We must ensure that 40 years from now, history will not go backwards” – Wolfgang Tillmans

“Blonsky Bate’s ‘Small Town’ was at the top of the charts,” Tillmans said on stage, recalling the impact of art on his coming-out journey as a teenager. “I had that support. All was well. [for] Millions of gay boys.

Speech at Today’s ceremonyThe 55-year-old continued: That was 40 years ago. Forty years ago, in 1944, the cover of “Small Town Boy” had a triangle. In the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, gay men had to wear this kind of clothing. Therefore, we must ensure that 40 years from now, history will not go backwards. It’s moving forward.

Wolfgang Tillmans in the new issue of Attitude wearing a black t-shirt against a blue background
Wolfgang Tillmans appears in the new issue of Attitude magazine (Photo: Markus Bidaux)

Speaking Discussing his career in a recent interview with AttitudeTillmans details his artistic journey, including filming Lady Gaga during Popular monster era.

“She was interested in art and knew who I was, so that was great,” he recalled. “I met her before a concert in Duisburg, a relatively small town between two shows in Paris and Berlin. There were no press arrangements. We spent time with each other the entire afternoon.

Tillmans also discussed his return to making music in 2016 after a 30-year hiatus. “Little did I know, half a year later one of my songs would land on Frank [Ocean]visual album, Endlessabout the song ‘Device Control,’” he explained.

“I haven’t stopped yet. I recently released my second full-length album, Build from here”.

Issue 359 of “Attitude” magazine is Can be ordered online here and and 15 years of free back issues attitude app.

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