Kerli’s OVERSOUL is musical magic

There is an artist I grew up with who has made me feel seen, understood and alive since her first album. She grows from a creepy dark girl to a high priestess of light and darkness.

It’s a title she earned with her latest work, an audiovisual project that took four years to make. I’m talking about Kerli’s OversoulI’ve been repeating it for a while and don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.

Cover of Kerli’s album “OVERSOUL” [Kerli]

  • Published: June 7, 2024
  • Recorded: 2020-2023
  • type: alternative, electronic
  • length: 16:52
  • Label: Independence – Little cute monster
  • Producer: Collapse Bay


  1. Hope (Introduction) — 0:46
  2. Alchemy — 2:40
  3. Witching Hour — 3:47
  4. Search + Destroy — 2:44
  5. The art of being alone — 3:27
  6. Warrior — 3:28

Each song represents a “path” to freedom: hope, faith, memory, shadow work, solitude and peace. This is the concept Kerli explained on May 31st of this year:

In 2020, the world as we knew it came to a standstill. Suffocated by the unknown and cooped up in my home, I began to think deeply about the true meaning of freedom. From the depths of loneliness, an inspiration is born. Visions began flooding into my soul.

To be honest, I’m skeptical of calling an EP that’s only 17 minutes long a “magnum opus.” This doesn’t seem very realistic. However, while I’m still thinking about it, I can see that this is indeed a huge project, not only because Oversoul is considered an audiovisual project, but because of its content.

Kerli releases each song as a single, one per month. I felt the magic and power of each of them. The lyrics are direct, evocative, aural incantations that help listeners embody the reality they need based on their circumstances. When listening to the entire record we are given a complete ritual that recharges us, empowers us and cleanses us.

As an independent artist, Kerli is able to create an eclectic style that doesn’t follow trends. The sound includes elements of pop, rock, electronic, avant-garde, and even folk. This is a project that showcases Kerli at her best, showcasing all the genres and aesthetics she has worked with before. However, the final product still has a fresh sound.

The lyrics also follow a similar structure to what she explored on previous releases, shadow work, gave me the impression that this could be seen as a follow-up, a sequel that explores the consequences of introspection. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Saying I want more, there is no need.

I’d love to see what happens next. Kerli is known for delivering a complete experience, whether listening to her music in the comfort of her home, or on stage delivering not just a concert but a ceremony. Although I may be biased, as an obvious fan and have been loving (and laughing and crying) her music ever since love is dead,I am sure Oversoul Times is no exception.

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