Chloe Bailey claims her music was only labeled R&B because of her race

Chloe Bailey is a star to most people. She rose to prominence in 2016 as part of the group Chloe x Hailey and found great success alongside her sister before going solo in 2021. and critical acclaim. Chloe Bailey attempts to use her art to challenge easy categorization, but she is repeatedly labeled R&B. She discussed the frustrating situation in a recent interview nylon.

Bailey told the media that her R&B classification stemmed from her skin color, not her voice. “Any music I make is easily and quickly classified as R&B because I’m a black woman,” she points out. “If someone with a different skin color than me made the same music, it would fall into the pop category. It’s always been that way in life.” As he got older, Bailey became increasingly eager to break down genre constraints. She’s had chart success and now she’s seeking artistic success on her own terms. Bailey cited two singers who have successfully escaped the R&B label, one of whom was, unsurprisingly, her mentor.

Chloe Bailey wants to challenge R&B conventions

Chloe Bailey loves Beyonce’s album Cowboy Carter. She has a front-row seat to Beyoncé’s transformation, given that she signed with Beyoncé’s label in 2016. “I’m so proud of what Beyoncé has done Cowboy Carter,” she asserted. “Because black people originated in country music. It just goes to show that the possibilities are endless.

The singer won’t be opting for Houston’s pop or Beyoncé’s country on her new album, though. Chloe Bailey tells Nylon she’s looking to carve her own genre and musical path. One was inspired by sounds she heard in the Caribbean. The outlet cited “calypso, gospel, Afrobeat and carnival band music” in the upcoming album, which is titled trouble in paradise. Bailey agreed. She also described the overall theme of the album. “[It’s a] “Celebrate coming of age as a woman and have fun,” she said. “Don’t take life too seriously.” We can’t wait to hear it.

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