Bethel Park to host first arts and music festival, bringing together more than 80 local artists

When the summer air begins to hiss, experience culture and community at the inaugural Bethel Park Arts and Music Festival to ease your post-pandemic discomfort. The free event, scheduled for Saturday, July 27, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the new Bethel Park “Park Ave. Streetscape,” will feature local talent, great food and great entertainment. Stretching from the Schoolhouse Arts and History Center to the Bethel Park Community Center, the festival features more than 80 artists and a range of live music that will keep you excited all day, from the brave sounds of the Ringgold String Band to evening serenades .

According to an official statement, the project is the brainchild of community donor Andy Amrhein — who moonlights as Bethel Park Community Foundation vice president and hardware store mogul — and has been living the dream ten years. Ann Rhine sees the festival idea as a way to boost local creatives who have weathered the economic storm of COVID-19. This cultural whirlwind would not have been possible without the powerful alliance of Bethel Park’s Fantastic Four Charities and municipal support staff.

City Manager Kristen Denne praised the event as “a demonstration of how a dedicated group of leaders in the community can leverage public and private partnerships to create an event that enhances the quality of life in Bethel Park” . Meanwhile, Tim Moury, president of the Bethel Park Historical Society, dubbed the festival “an annual event” and a great opportunity to show off the schoolhouse’s arts and history center.

The festival also doubles as a fundraiser, with proceeds benefiting local organizations and initiatives. From improving Bethel Park’s own architectural gems to cultivating a new batch of community-driven projects, the festival champions local progress with a capital “P.” For those seeking the finer things in life, adding a culinary edge to their cultural explorations, food trucks like Bethel Bakery and Johnny’s Seafood Shack will grace the park as Every artful excursion should challenge both the palette and the palate.

For families looking to escape the art appreciation and hustle and bustle, the park’s new 1.05-acre Splash Park offers discounted water play. And, if you decide to sponsor or showcase your artistic talents before the big day, please contact Amrhein at: [email protected] Or call 412-760-9614. Free shuttle service solves transportation problems and the event all but secures its status as a go-to community gathering.

Details about the full artist list and event nuances can be found on the festival’s official webpage, and remember, Bethel Park is the place to be on July 27, rain or shine. Keep an eye on your calendars for the next Fantastic Four Charity Event – ​​a chili cook-off and bourbon/wine tasting coming on February 1, 2025, worth staying warm.

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