BAMS Music Festival highlights local and national artists and showcases Boston’s rich cultural heritage

The Boston Soul of Arts and Music Festival, also known as the BAMS Festival, will be held June 29-30 at Playstead Field in Franklin Park. International artist-centric act.

“There are so many different cultures here, so rich history, food, music and language,” said Catherine T. Morris, director of arts and culture at the Boston Foundation and founder of the BAMS festival. “There are a lot of people who come here to study and want to stay here and have this platform. It’s important to make sure their voices and their music are represented.

Singer, songwriter, and Boston native Lisa Bello will appear at this year’s BAMS Music Festival.

“I think we’ve worked hard to get to this level and Boston hasn’t found the answer yet. Katherine and BAMS have,” Bello said. “So I think they gave us this platform…you know, we’re reaching more people and doing things that we might not have or been able to achieve in our lives, so we’re very grateful.”

Morris said BAMS Fest is as much a cultural movement as it is a music festival.

“We’re working on a blueprint,” Morris said. “We are building the infrastructure to ensure that the ecosystem of Black arts and culture continues, but also to ensure that it intersects in every industry that ignores us.”

Morris hopes the BAMS Festival will help improve the music landscape for artists of all types. “We call out injustice and work with these institutions and organizations to do better,” she said.


Katherine Morris, Director of Arts and Culture at the Boston Foundation and founder of the Boston Arts and Music Soul Festival (BAMS Fest).

Lisa Bello, Singers, songwriters and featured artists at this year’s BAMS Festival.

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