Vancouver Early Music Summer Festival celebrates all things Bach

The Vancouver Early Music Festival’s summer music festival is the Bach Festival and it’s better than ever.

This summer, the Vancouver Early Music Festival (EMV) invites music lovers to a week-long celebration of Bach, featuring performances of traditional interpretations of the Baroque composer’s works.

“We’re excited to offer audiences an adventurous program of some of Bach’s seminal works, but with a twist,” said Suzie LeBlanc, EMV’s artistic and executive director, in a press release. “From music for mandolin and oud to more From traditional works reimagined for unique instrumentation to vocal improvisations inspired by Bach’s own improvisational habits, Bach Untamed welcomes listeners to find new perspectives on Bach’s famous and beloved classics.

With nearly 50 international and Canadian artists participating, attendees can expect unique touches from Bach’s diverse repertoire. Performers include Canadian cellist Cameron Kreutzman and Montreal tenor Haitham Haidar. Monteverdi’s performance will be a highlight of the festival Vespers of 1610a rare work performed by 10 international soloists; another unique event is the Fox Cabaret’s comedy night, featuring three tenors singing drinking songs in the style of the 17th century.

View the full list of events online and purchase tickets here.

untamed bach

July 30 to August 8

Where: various venues

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