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Click to enlarge Downtown Orlando hosts New Year's Eve event with live music, art performances

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Greg Hayworth had to contend with the roar of nearby Sunrail and the added obstacles of rainy weather during his sidewalk show in downtown Orlando Wednesday afternoon. But that didn’t stop the guitarist from serenading passers-by with a healthy mix of tunes, from “The Piña Colada Song” to “Under the Boardwalk,” which lasted two hours.

“I’m so happy to be here this afternoon,” he said before launching into his final song. “Now, here comes a little Jimmy Buffett.”

A subsequent rendition of “I Don’t Know (Spicoli’s Theme)” earned a thumbs-up from onlookers holding coffee cups.

Hayworth’s performance is part of the new DTO Live programme, launched this week. The city partnered with local agency United Arts of Central Florida on the project to provide more arts experiences for Orlando residents and visitors.

DTO Live will host more than 800 events at 11 locations in downtown Orlando between now and June 2025. The sites extend in a radius of approximately two miles from City Hall to the North End adjacent to Lake Highlands Preparatory School.

Performers currently performing are mostly musicians and include jazz, R&B and alternative acts. But the DTO Live calendar shows events booked throughout July, also including dance, poetry and even a mime performance by Ben Macon.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer kicked off the program’s launch with a celebration Tuesday morning.

“At the heart of the DTO project is the vision to create a downtown filled with arts and culture,” Dyer said. “DTO Live marks an important step toward championing a world-class cultural landscape that drives momentum for a thriving downtown economy and culture.” Culturally.

Dyer spoke in front of the city’s newest art installation — a rainbow-colored wooden arch at the corner of Pine Street and Orange Avenue. Titled “No Place Like Home,” the 20-foot-tall Wizard of Oz-inspired piece was designed by Justin “SKIP” Skipper and Ha’ani Hogan.

The Arch is the first of six large-scale facilities to be built in the city center throughout the year along with a host of live performances. The Creative Cities Initiative and the Downtown Arts District are partnering with Central Florida Cities and the United Arts Center to bring visual and performing arts to Central Florida next year.

Click to enlarge Greg Hayworth performed his first DTO Live performance outside the Bao Spot on Wednesday 19th June.

Photo by Zoe Thomas

Greg Hayworth performed his first DTO Live performance outside the Bao Spot on Wednesday 19th June.

“This program celebrates the creative genius in our community and invites everyone to experience the magic of art,” said Jennifer Evans, president and CEO of United Arts of Central Florida.

DTO Live is part of the city’s ongoing DTO program, first launched in 2014, to enhance the city’s creativity and economic competitiveness. Orlando launched the DTO 2.0 project planning in 2022 and realized its vision through DTO Live.

In addition to creating jobs in the creative field by paying live performers, DTO Live aims to help the Orlando economy by driving tourism and local spending, the city said in a news release.

Guitarist Hayworth said he applied to perform for DTO Live after receiving an email from the musicians union two weeks ago. He said the great people at the United Arts Center of Central Florida made the process easy.

Although he says he thinks Florida is somewhat conservative and repressive, the Orlando native has always viewed his city as tolerant and inclusive. Strengthening the arts community will only enhance that reputation, he said.

“Investment in the arts is always important,” Hayworth said.

Hayworth has scheduled his next show at the same venue next week. Orlando residents and visitors can browse upcoming shows on the city’s online calendar.

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