Rongali 2024: Celebrating Assam’s Tribes, Art & Music

Rongali, Assam’s largest organized festival, will be held from June 21 to 23 at the Veterinary College premises at Kanapala, Guwahati. Rongali was established in 2015 to promote cultural unity and showcase Assamese talent. Over the past seven editions, the festival has become an important platform for artists, designers, musicians, models and entrepreneurs in the state.

Rongali 2024 will feature a wide range of cultural displays from various tribes and communities of Assam including the Matak, Maran, Sonowal, Kachari, Tiwa, Kochrajbongshi, Chudiya tribe, Tea tribe, Laba tribe, Taiahom tribe, Gorkha tribe, Sonowalbodo tribe, Mising, Kalbi and Dimasa etc. Approximately 700 folk artists are scheduled to perform, highlighting the rich cultural diversity and historical heritage of these groups.

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