The Arabic songs that have defined summer for generations, from Amr Diab to Nancy Ajram

Love and heartbreak are favorite themes in Arabic songs no matter the season, but when released in the summer, the songs are more upbeat, wistful, and even fun.

Towering from Umm Kulthum Alf Leila Valera Dizzy in Haifa Wehbe ElvavaThe diversity and richness of Arabic popular music allows for summer carols, featuring artists from Morocco and the UAE.

Here, in alphabetical order, are 20 Arabic songs from over 70 years that were either released during the summer or became seasonal hits.

Egyptian singer Abu captures the longing for summer romance with lyrics that liken love at first sight to the unrestrained rhythm of a drumbeat. “My heart beat three times when I saw her/The sound of drums entered my mind and played with what was inside/When riq [a hand percussion instrument] Come into my heart, I’m in love/What can I do? I started singing. Instantly set off the summer craze, 3 big karts Within the first three months of release, it had over 125 million views on YouTube.

2. Sherine’s “Ayale” (2002)

Sherine Abdel-Wahab’s bubbly spirit is her enduring trademark, and it shows in this energetic hit. Driven by pulsating percussion, the Egyptian singer delivers one of her best vocal performances in this ode to unrequited love. The title translates to “Oh The Nights”, as Shailene longs to spend those summer evenings with her boyfriend and pleads with him to “end his absence, I don’t want to be with anyone but him”.

3. Ahwak (1953) by Abdul Halim Hafiz

Released in the summer of 1953 as part of Classic Egyptian Cinema bayit el kubz (Breadman), a song recorded early in the career of the revered singer, who was nicknamed “The Black Nightingale”. Avak “I Love You” perfectly showcases Hafez’s sonorous and powerful singing voice. Hussein El Said’s lyrics hit home. “I love you and I hope that if I forget you, I forget your soul,” the song begins. “If it gets lost, if you forget about me, that’s okay.”

4. Ah Wa Nos by Nancy Ajram (2004)

With propulsive darbuka percussion and groove-laden synths, it’s a summer staple. Ajram delivers her most confident voice yet. The song’s title, a Lebanese colloquial meaning “oh half,” details the excitement of a new relationship.

5. Alf Leila Wa Leila (Umm Kulthum) (1969)

This arguably remains the pinnacle of the classical Arabic music form known as “talab”. For all the night-themed lyrics, Alf Leila Valera One Thousand and One Nights later became a popular mainstay of lazy morning coffee drinking in Levantine cafes. Kultham’s powerful and energetic voice details the vagaries of love. indeed, Alf Leila Valera The lyrics are filled with quotable verses that relate to the heart; a favorite is the quixotic declaration: “Life is nothing but nights like tonight.”

6. Amr Diab (1999)

Meaning “two moons”, Amarion is one of Amr Diab’s many summer anthems and another example of his fusion of Levantine and Mediterranean instruments and melodies. With a voice rich and tender, the Egyptian star longs for a rare and transformative love.

7. Varda’s Batwanes Beek (1986)

Released in early summer, this gem means “I enjoy your company” and should be heard for its orchestral introduction alone. Why does Algerian singer Varda have a rich voice? bad vanbecka song about the joy of companionship, has been hailed as one of the greatest tracks of tarab music.

8. “Bouchret Kheir” by Hussain Al Jassmi (2014)

The Emirati pop star may have released the song as a fun public statement, but Bushlett Kyle It went on to become the biggest hit of his career and the most popular song of the summer. The fun and dazzling song was released ahead of Egypt’s 2014 elections to urge Egyptians to vote. Backed by a video shot in eight different provinces, the song’s appeal spread throughout the region, with versions sung in Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian dialects.

9. This Is Life by Cheb Khaled (2012)

this is life Showing that Algerian rai singer Cheb Khaled’s dramatic vocals can also work in the club. Sung in Algerian Arabic and French, this hymn is filled with joy and positivity. Not only did it top the charts in countries such as France and the Czech Republic, but it subsequently became a favorite at football stadiums across Europe and became a favorite for salsa after Marc Anthony covered the track in 2013 Remodeled.

10. “Decapotable” by Zouhair Bahaoui (2018)

Moroccan melodies meet Latin reggaeton rhythms in this irrepressible hit. Openable cover In the summer of 2018, relatively unknown singer Bahaoui became a star in his native Morocco and the Arab world. It means “convertible” in French and is also a metaphor for adventure. Openable lid is an energetic, feel-good track perfect for summer beach parties.

11. “El Bint El Awiye” by Wael Kfoury (2021)

Known for his overwrought ballads, Kfoury toned down his signature drama for a sun-kissed Mediterranean feel. el bint el aviyeh. Meaning “Strong Girl,” flashes of flamenco guitar are everywhere and Kfoury abandons his wistful vocals for a more playful staccato delivery in a song that explores the positive aspects of heartbreak.

12. Ragheb Alama’s “El Hob El Kebir” (2004)

Famous for its romantic ballads, el hob el kebir Big Love finds Lebanese singer Rageb Alama recalling “the greatest love of his life.” Released over the summer, the song is an upbeat pop song that expresses sentiments about a strong and lasting relationship, making it a Valentine’s Day and wedding favorite.

13. “El Wawa”, Haifa Wehbe (2006)

Thanks to Haifa Wehbe’s captivating performance, this Arabic pop gem is no longer just a novelty song. Mixing Arabic percussion with energetic synths and festive horns, Elvava is an earworm whose lyrics use the interesting Arabic term “little bruise” as a metaphor for the initial pain of love.

14. “Lolaki” by Ali Hemeda (1988)

One of the 1980s summer hits by Egyptian singer Ali Hemeida, Loraki (colloquial term meaning “for you”) is a sunny pop song whose haunting chorus is now synonymous with sunny days at the beach.

15. Ma Nedikch A L’Vacancia, Aymane Serhani (2020)

French-Moroccan artist Aymane Serhani brings vibrant rai music to life, soundtracking the North African summer with his brilliant contemporary style. While retaining the genre’s folk melodies and accordion, the song benefits from electronic beats, electric guitar and Serhani’s silky vocals. It means “I won’t take you on vacation”, Well Nedik Vacancia An interesting showcase of modern Lai music.

16. Maloun Abou L Echeq by Najwa Karam (2019)

One of Najwa Karam’s best songs, translated as “Cursed by Love,” is a powerful Lebanese folk-pop song. Karam’s voice is husky and powerful, and the striking video shows her performing with a group of dabuk dancers in the middle of a Beirut street.

17. Saad Lamjarred’s “Lm3allem” (2016)

everything about LM3 Alem marvelous. It’s built on top-notch stuttering beats and tracked, icy synth riffs that sound exciting and futuristic. Ramjared’s confident, deep and joyful vocals are also a far cry from the blind theatricality of his peers. Supplemented by a beautiful video that resembles images of Hassan Hajjaj’s artwork, the song has been viewed over 1 billion times on YouTube.

18. Sayrena Ya Donia by Ahmed Saad (2022)

Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad finally got the respect he deserved when this heartwarming pop song became a regional hit and the most popular song of the summer. Translated as “Let Us Be Happy, Oh World,” the song is a soulful plea for resilience and a wonderful showcase for his soulful vocals.

19. Shiloha Sheila, Miami (1997)

The Gulf’s favorite Kuwaiti band Miami releases this energetic track, packed with propulsive Khaleeji percussion and catchy call and response vocals.

20. Sidi Mansour, Sabel Rebai (2020)

Saber Rebai’s rendition of a staple of Tunisian folk music announced his arrival to the Arab world. This is thanks to the modern production of the track, which maintains Sidi MansourTimeless melodies and traditional instruments like the oud and canon, while adding subtle electronic beats and synths.

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