Montclair Music Day Celebrates the Arts June 21

Montclair Music Days

Montclair will once again celebrate the first day of summer and the arts with Music Day. Mark your calendar for Friday, June 21, and head out for a day filled with music!

Make Music Day originated from the French Fête de la Musique 32 years ago. The festival, which celebrates music, quickly became popular around the world. The first Montclair Celebration was held in 2014 and has grown into a massive celebration with new venues, performers and participants every year. This goes to show how much our community loves music and art!

The Montclair Independent Arts Center is the official venue for this annual event. It is connected to a global network of towns and cities organizing events on June 21st.

Also noteworthy this year, the Montclair Town Council issued a proclamation on June 11 officially recognizing Music Day.

Making Music Montclair Performers

This year’s event will feature over 30 performers performing at various venues across the region:

  • Crane Garden Flowerpot Music
  • Harmonica Lessons and Performances from East Side Mags
  • Host pop-up performances in various coffee shops, retail spaces and community centers
  • Special “Production Music Stages” will be set up in Watchung Plaza, Crane Park, the Wellmont Arts Plaza in front of the Wellmont Theater and on the front lawn of First Congregational Church on South Fullerton Avenue. They host various performances throughout the day.
  • The community sang and played together with The World Turned Upside Down, an event held at Porchista’s Home Studio that featured zydeco and folk protest songs.

New this year are Skate Day at Lander Skatepark and musical performances at the Montclair Public Library. First Montclair House, Toni’s Kitchen and South End Gardens will also host events.

Georgette Gilmore is a contributing editor at Montclair Local. She is an avid reader and foodie who loves delicious cocktails. Georgette is a proud Jersey girl who has lived in Montclair for 22 years. More works by Georgette Gilmore

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