CMDT releases manifesto on performing arts education

this Dance, Drama and Musical Theater Committee (CMDT), the UK industry body that provides quality assurance and support to organizations that provide performing arts training, education and assessment, has published a Manifesto for Performing Arts Education.

Key among the recommendations put forward were better integration of in-school and out-of-school performing arts provision, for example by extending the music center model to include dance and drama, and capturing and bringing together the achievements of young people’s arts activities within schools through digital learning logs and study outside of school.

The manifesto also calls for a review of schools’ performing arts qualifications to address a 44 per cent drop in GCSE exams and a 48 per cent drop in A-level exams since 2010. Contemporary genres, modern practices, digital engagement and entrepreneurship.

The document also reaffirms the contribution of the performing arts industry to the British economy, citing a figure of £125 billion for the British economy, accounting for 7% of total UK employment, and reminding people of the importance of strengthening training in the industry.

Glyndwr Jones, director of the CDMT who proposed the manifesto, believes that “this is not a handout.” “As well as improving life outcomes and providing space for all types of artistic expression, the performing arts industry also contributes significantly to the UK economy and within this context, maintaining a viable talent pipeline up to the highest professional level can make financial, and cultural, philosophical and humanitarian awareness.

The document also highlights the impact of creativity on young people’s well-being and development and stresses the importance of ensuring that creativity is accessible to all. “Today, many children and young people face unprecedented challenges and come from under-represented and often intersecting groups, such as those from the global majority of learners, low-income families, job seekers, looked after children, youth carers and people with disabilities. People are particularly affected,” the document said.

The CDMT Manifesto for Performing Arts Education is supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and the Mackintosh Foundation and is available to read here.

This article was originally published in phonograph Magazine. You can find the original version of this article here.

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