Beach Arts Festival lineup revealed, including music, workshops and talks

The line-up for the Beach Festival has been revealed, including theatre, music, workshops and talks. This year’s event puts ocean conservation in the spotlight.

From 15 to 16 June, Watergate Bay Hotel’s free Creative Family Weekend will bring the drive to protect our oceans to life through an imaginative series of live theatre, music, dance, creative and performance workshops and talks. The roaring spring tide sets a vast beach stage for all things sea and blue, with a dazzling display of talent and artistic creativity igniting curiosity and stimulating conversation and action on climate change and plastic pollution.

A highlight of the inaugural festival in 2023, the playful sea spirit Eko (a 13-foot-tall giant puppet created by Johnny Odeon Dance Theater and star of the company’s Out of the Blue show) will once again entertain crowds at Seaway this year Shuttle through.

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Johnny Autin, creator and choreographer of Eko, said: “In Out of the Blue, the sea giant Eko searches for a little girl named Violet to talk to her about the ocean, plastic pollution and Stories of the Biodiversity Crisis The show’s message is to listen to the voices of the natural world and find a way out of the climate crisis.

Another deep-sea behemoth to appear on land is an 18-meter-long inflatable whale, guided to shore by the all-female troupe Circo Rum Ba Ba. Crawling on hands and knees through a small gap in the whale’s side, up to 40 young explorers can enter its massive belly at a time.

Safely nestled in an enchanting underwater idyll, they will embark on a mission to help a lifelike leatherback turtle survive – lovingly crafted by War Horse puppet master Jimmy Grimes – and learn about single-use plastics along the way danger.

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