Mahama will promote music and art in schools

Music and art education plays a vital role in shaping and promoting the all-round development of the person; part of the reason why teaching music and art in schools is so important is that music and language are deeply connected. Exposure to music education is associated with better language development in young children.

Musical training stimulates the same brain areas responsible for understanding language, thereby improving tone understanding and alignment of speech segments. This is also good for children learning a second language.

In addition, playing an instrument can mobilize neural networks and promote brain development. Research shows that musicians have increased neural activity compared to non-musicians.

Music instruction helps improve sound discrimination and fine motor skills, observed through brain imaging. This strengthens neural connections, promoting cognitive development and creativity.

Through participation in arts activities, students develop critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence.

These programs contribute to a holistic education that goes beyond traditional academic subjects.

Therefore, schools need to prioritize these essential subjects to produce well-rounded individuals who thrive academically and creatively.

For these reasons, His Excellency John Mahama’s initiative to promote the teaching of music and arts in schools in the next administration must be commended.

President Mahama’s vision is to provide well-trained teachers for these subjects so that students have the opportunity to explore their talents and interests in music and art and develop their skills in these areas. This is not only beneficial to them personally, but also beneficial to the development of culture and art in the entire country.

It is important to recognize the value of music and arts education in schools and support measures that promote the inclusion of these subjects in the curriculum. I admire JDM’s thinking in this regard and hope that the current government will follow suit and prioritize the importance of music and arts education in our schools.

Anthony Oban Afran

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