MACAU DAILY TIMES Macau Daily Times’Sands Children’s Day for Music and Arts’ Shares Magic of Music

Performance and immersive exploration Macau teamLab Supernatural Space

Sands China Cares Ambassadors hosted local families from Children’s Dream Alliance at teamLab Supernatural in Macau on May 29 to celebrate International Children’s Day.

this Sands Children’s Music and Arts Festival The event, part of the 15th anniversary celebration of the Sands Cares Ambassador Program, provided 70 participants with a day of immersive arts experiences and the chance to create lasting memories together in a vibrant and creative environment.

The Sands Children’s Music and Art Festival aims to bring art into every family in the community and cultivate a sense of happiness and satisfaction through artistic interaction. Participating families were treated to a mesmerizing quartet of performances that included household names from the beloved film soundtrack. The Macao Orchestra has specially arranged charming and lively music works for this event, full of magical atmosphere and cheerful rhythm, aiming to let everyone enter the fantasy world of childlike fun through music.

A delightful musical experience takes place in the charming environment of teamLab SuperNature Macau. After the performance, guests had the opportunity to freely explore the innovative integration of technology and art in the exhibition and immerse themselves in the fascinating creative world.

In order to celebrate the spirit of International Children’s Day on June 1, Sands China Cares Ambassadors presented gift bags purchased from Fuhong Society of Macau to the children at the event and extended warm wishes to the children at the event.

Activities such as Sands Children’s Music and Arts Day are a way for Sands China to fulfill its commitment to the local community through the Sands Cares Ambassador Program. The program was established in August 2009 and currently has more than 3,300 enthusiastic volunteers, providing them with a platform to serve the local community by organizing a wide range of community activities and engaging in volunteer work. Sands China is committed to sending warmth and care to the disadvantaged, actively contributing to Macao’s social development, and helping to build a harmonious and inclusive society.

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