Mandala South Asian Performing Arts | Ambi Subramaniam and the Mandala Music Circle | June 27, 2024

Mandala South Asian Performing Arts
Harris Theater of Music and Dance
205 E. Randolph, Chicago, Illinois, 60601
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Performance time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Mandala South Asian Performing Arts Presents Award-Winning Indian Violinist Ambi SubramaniamHailed as “India’s Itzhak Perlman” by OZY Media, he has performed on the same stage with the Mandala music circle, including Mandala’s Chesson an ant In Bansuri, Farid Haq Guitarist Anvita Hariharan Carnatic saxophonist, percussionist and music educator Juan Pastor, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller Shanta Nurulla.

The talented son of legendary violinist Dr. L. Subramaniam, Ambi pushed the boundaries of music, intertwining traditional Indian classical music with modern sensibilities. His performances are a testament to his virtuosity and deep understanding of music’s diverse expressions. Ambi mastered the subtleties of Indian classical music and excelled in Western classical repertoire, making him a versatile and innovative musician.

Ambi’s collaboration with the Mandala Music Circle is a dynamic dialogue between musicians from diverse backgrounds, creating a rich sonic tapestry that celebrates the depth and diversity of Indian music. Tonight’s music transcends boundaries, inviting audiences to experience the thrilling beauty of Indian classical music while embracing the innovative possibilities of contemporary sounds.

Tickets $25.00 – $105.00

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