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Kendrick Lamar just announced his upcoming “Pop Out – Ken & Friends” concert in Inglewood, California. Live performances will begin on June 19 at 3 p.m. The show will also be Kendrick’s first appearance since the dust settled on his brutal feud with Drake. The event, billed as “Ken and Friends,” has already got many fans excited about the possibility of their favorite rapper joining Kendrick on stage. Let’s take a look at a few favorite artists who are sure to turn heads at the event.

7. Mustard

Given that this “Pop Out” concert is Kendrick Lamar’s first live performance since the Drake beef, the top question on everyone’s mind is, will he perform “Not Like Us?” ” On the one hand, it seemed like a no-brainer, as the platinum-selling single was touted as a huge summer anthem and attracted huge crowds around the world. On the other hand, Kendrick Lamar will likely eschew the performance due to the concert’s Juneteenth setting, opting instead for a track that promotes peace and unity.

Regardless, if Mustard takes the stage, we know an earthquake is coming, as the acclaimed DJ is sure to have the crowd tapping their feet from the moment they hear his signature producer tag. Mustard also announced plans to release an album this summer. This means DJs can preview a range of previously unheard clips during their gigs.

As long as we’re happy with Drake disses playing on stage at “Pop Out” concerts, Kendrick Lamar should definitely include Future and Metro Boomin. First, the trio can perform the explosive song “Like That,” which kicked off the show back in March. In addition to this, Future and Metro have two complete new albums to show the world. album, we don’t trust you and we still don’t trust youone of the hottest songs of 2024.

5. Kodak Black

In recent years, Kendrick Lamar has made no secret of his kinship with Kodak Black. Lamar’s last album featured yaks everywhere Mr. Morale and Strider, in the form of numerous spoken interludes and two much-loved verses. Fans would certainly like to see Kodak Black and Kendrick Lamar perform live in concert together, especially if it means seeing them perform “Silent Hill” together. If rumors that Kendrick is releasing a new album in the near future are true, Kodak will likely be involved, meaning the pair could even perform new, unreleased music to audiences.

4. Baby Kim

That’s almost certain, as Kendrick and Bebe Kim tend to act together as a unit these days. The “Hillbillies” MC is known to be cousins, with Keem appearing front and center multiple times during Kendrick’s time. Mr. Morale and Strider album. Baby Keem also toured with Kendrick throughout his record-breaking run stepper travel. Rumors have been circulating for months that a joint album from Kendrick Lamar and Bebe Kim might be in the works, although neither artist has confirmed it yet.

3. Kanye West

This is arguably the biggest prospect on this list, but a Kanye West appearance is still technically possible. West and Ty Dolla $ign have been touring the country to promote their ongoing events vulture album series. Kanye also stood firmly by Kendrick’s side when he feuded with Drake, even dropping a “Like That” remix. Still, Kanye is now widely considered radioactive due to his outspoken anti-Semitism and public controversy.

Additionally, Kanye did take a subtle jab at Kendrick before dropping his “Like That” remix, posting on social media that he “ With Lamar cleared and fans hoping to see Kanye accept on the Pop Out stage, no one really knows the status of his working relationship with Kendrick.

2. Shenzhen Security Bureau

Kendrick and SZA haven’t worked together since the “Not Like Us” rapper left their shared label TDE, though they’re known to have exceptional chemistry on wax. Some fans said SZA took Drake’s side in the recent feud. Although SZA collaborated with Drake last year, with the Toronto native even shouting out Kendrick in his song “Push Ups,” these rumors are unconfirmed. SZA’s appearance at Pop Out will be the perfect way to solidify her relationship with Kendrick while also promoting her long-awaited upcoming project woolshe has been teasing since late 2022.

Speaking of TDE, Kendrick Lamar’s former label mates ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul would also be perfect candidates to appear at the Pop Out concert. All three Compton MCs have deep roots in the community and have long-standing relationships with Kendrick. Fans have been asking the four artists to make a black hippie collaboration album for over a decade, even though it was clear that would never happen. At this moment, the Black Hippie stage reunion will be what fans are most looking forward to. It also makes sense since ScHoolboy Q recently released one of the hottest albums of the year blue lipsand there are rumors that both Jay Rock and Ab-Soul are working on new music behind the scenes.

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