Campfire Music and Arts Festival – Isthmus

Music/Camping Festival, 6/6-8, Driftless Music Garden, Yuba. Advertising fee $149.99

journey (Line-ups are subject to change and performances come rain or shine.


04:00 PM charlie boy

05:15 PM ghost island radio

06:30 PM Work

08:00 PM Jaden James

09:15 PM air show

10:30pm feed the dog

12:15 am salty dog


12:45 noon Mike Munson

02:15 PM Penthouse villa

03:30 PM Iowa

04:30 PM magnolia avenue

06:00 PM escape

07:00 PM Dawu

08:30 PM sugar boy

09:45 PM People’s Brothers

11:15pm Jon Sullivan Band

12:45 noon cool cool cool


12:00pm People’s Brothers

02:15 PM Nick Foytik

03:45 PM old shoes

05:00 PM Plagiarist

06:00 PM Adam Gruel and Space Burritos

07:15 PM my grandma’s cardigan

08:15 PM dogs in a pile

09:30 PM Top and Rise

10:15pm Pigeons playing table tennis

11:45pm Top and Rise

12:30 noon Andy Frasco and the United Nations

Health seminar…

Friday and Saturday mornings are full of surprises! Learn a new sustainable approach, become one with yourself and discover new things. Sign up for the workshop that’s right for you. The event is from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


9a-10a Yoga – Stretch and get into a relaxed state of mind for a great day.

11 o’clock to 12 o’clock Clear out the fire tribe – Learn about fire safety and belly dancing.


9a-10a Yoga – Stretch and get into a relaxed state of mind for a great day.

8a-9a ask a vegetarian – Are you curious about vegetarian food or a lifelong vegetarian looking for inspiration? Join us as we openly discuss resources, recipes, and causes that support a plant-based lifestyle. No matter where you are on your plant journey, everyone is welcome!

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