3 American universities majoring in art, history, music and design

The greatest music or art can reshape our senses and change the way we see the world. Hear how American singer Nina Simone used her work and songs to speak out for the civil rights movement. Or look at Frida Kahlo’s works and costumes and how they defended the indigenous customs of her homeland.

Musicians and artists are in greater demand today, both in practice and as critics and academics. Most jobs require transferable soft skills such as creativity and diversity. In fact, approximately 73% of organizations surveyed World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Survey The report says the ability to think creatively is their top priority.

If you are passionate about music and art and seek an impactful career, join these leading art and music schools in the United States:

Art and Architecture

The Department of Art History in the Penn State College of Art and Architecture may offer internship or teaching assistantships at the Penn State Palmer Museum of Art, known for its rich collections of American, African American, and contemporary art. Source: Department of Art History, College of Art and Architecture, Penn State University

penn state university

“With a degree comes endless opportunities” – here’s what you get from this degree Pennsylvania State University School of Music and Department of Art History, Penn State University. Here, nestled in the rolling mountains of central Pennsylvania in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, you’ll find a close-knit community with small class sizes and personalized instruction. Yet you’ll have the resources and activities typical of a large American university, from an award-winning recital hall and one of the top campus art museums in the country, to internships and career mentoring, renowned visiting artists and scholars, and a wide range of opportunities for student engagement .

Join the Penn State College of Music and you’ll have access to many educational and performance opportunities. Whether you choose the BA Music Composition or Performance or the BA Music, you’ll be on the road, on stage or in the studio regularly – students often Busy performing in Ireland, Spain, Italy and the United States. Whether abroad or on campus, you’ll experience school spirit that’s second to none and even take your spirit to a new level by performing in the world-famous Penn State Blue Band and traveling to sporting events across the country. s level.

In the Department of Art History at Penn State, you can choose from a wide range of courses, with a special focus on architectural history, global modernism, and material studies. Certificate in museum studies Like with minors architectural history Allowing you to explore different disciplines and increase your understanding of art history, ultimately expanding your expertise and potential career paths. For more in-depth involvement, visit the Center for Virtual/Material Studies and the Palmer Museum of Art, where you can experience hands-on research in art creation and curation. Or take advantage of the many opportunities to work with professionals in museums, universities and the private sector – the department has a large alumni community that always has its doors open for students.

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Art and Architecture

The School of Design has approximately 2,000 undergraduate students and is accredited by the Association of Schools of Art and Design. Source: Iowa State University

Iowa State University

students in Iowa State University College of Design We are here to make a difference. They work to improve quality of life, enhance the human experience and promote environmental sustainability. Many are also thriving in their careers – 94% of graduates find work or further education within six months of graduating, proving their knowledge and skills are in demand.

Here, first-year students study all undergraduate majors in the School of Design and try out interdisciplinary work. You’ll gain practical experience working on global challenges, completing real-world projects with industry partners and collaborating with professionals. While there’s plenty to do on campus, you can also visit museums, galleries, architecture, outdoor spaces, and monuments abroad.

Music courses promise just as many opportunities and possibilities. Music majors can choose from several ensembles. The ISU Orchestra program presents exciting, intellectually stimulating, and heartfelt concerts each year. The band covers jazz, concert and parade, and currently has more than 700 band members and more than 5,000 band alumni. Want to be a part of something nationally recognized? Home to the ISU Choral Program, one of the best in the country, with the highest level of singing artistry.

“The department’s primary goals are to prepare students for a variety of careers in the fields of music, theater, and performing arts and to provide all students with educational experiences that enhance their understanding and aesthetic sensitivity in music, theater, and performance. Bra “The arts have become an important force in the cultural life of the university, the community, and the entire state and nation,” said Brad Dell. ” Head of the Department of Music and Drama.

Art and Architecture

BA and BFA degrees prepare students for careers in art or design, whether it’s a job, an internship, or graduate school. Source: University of Southern California

University of Southern California

Ranked 2nd Best Design School and Ranked 12th among the best art schoolsthis USC Roski School of Art and Design The first choice for those planning to turn a creative pursuit into a career. Here, small classrooms and state-of-the-art studios ensure students can create, experiment and collaborate wherever they please. You’ll have expert faculty and even proud alumni supporting you every step of the way.

“The space here is beautiful, but the people—the faculty and colleagues—are the most important resource to me. You won’t find these people anywhere else. The best artists, the greatest minds…” Bachelor of Arts student Ethan Castillo said.

The Roski School offers a variety of courses: Bachelor of Arts (BFA Art), Bachelor of Design (BFA Design) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BA Art).

At the Thornton School of Music, courses hone a unique artistic voice and help students build their skill sets as digitally savvy technologists and entrepreneurs while working collaboratively and pursuing the highest creative standards.

For example, composition students work with faculty who hold major commissions, awards, recordings, and residencies, among many other honors. With their guidance and insights, students take advantage of ample performance opportunities. Their works have premiered at the Thornton Fringe New Music Ensemble Concerts, student department showcases and recitals, and the annual Orchestral New Music Concert with the USC Thornton Symphony Orchestra, which has premiered more than 150 pieces USC Thornton Student Orchestral Works.

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