Charly Bliss to appear at Underground Arts on October 10th –

American band Charly Bliss is on the Forever and Ever tour to celebrate the release of their third album later this year. They will be touring the US and coming to Underground Arts in Philadelphia on October 10th.

Charly Bliss showcases a mix of bubblegum pop and grunge music (hence it’s often described as “bubblegrunge”) In 2013, he released his first single “Clean” and his first studio album. Guppy In 2017, while the album didn’t receive the popular attention it deserved, it did receive critical attention and praise, and was named one of the best albums of the year by many prominent pop culture magazines. Their second album is released young enough would receive similar acclaim and found the band had a wider audience for their tunes than GuppyIncluding the title songs “Young Enough” and “Capacity”.

The tour will feature songs from the band’s upcoming third studio album, forever Released on August 16th (album available for pre-save/pre-order). The album will be produced by Jake Luppen, a member of the indie rock band Hippo Campus, who produces for other independent artists as well as Hippo Campus itself. The band has released two singles from the upcoming album, “Nineteen” is a slower ballad and the most recent “Calling You Out” is a more upbeat and energetic tune.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this up-and-coming, dynamic band at a majestic underground art show. You can get your tickets here

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