Zim: Nyanga Arts Festival announces dates and preliminary lineup

Nyanga Arts Festival is an initiative of the Nhimbe Trust that aims to promote Nyanga’s tourism and leisure industry by enhancing its eco-friendliness through arts, culture and heritage.

The first confirmed artists include Vuyo Brown and Imvelo, a new collaboration featuring some of Bulawayo’s most experienced and accomplished singers and dancers, including Prince Nleya (bass), Mehluli Dube (percussion), Shekinah Ndlovu (guitar), Erastus Nleya (drums), Nesbert Qongo (saxophone) and Jacob Ngorima (keyboards).

Other artists participating in the Imvelo project include Prince Joel Nyoni (keys), Thandy Dhlana (vocals and dance), Charles Banda (vocals and dance), Laura Ngwenya (vocals), Dorcas Ngwenya (vocals and dance), Cheryl Mabaya (vocals and Dance), Lyndah Sithole (vocal and dance) and Brilliant Sithole (vocal and dance). Further artists will be announced in due course.

Festival Director Josh Nyapimbi said: “The most popular local musicians will deliver a fun-filled performance that has never been experienced at the Nyanga Festival.” He added that this year’s festival will be similar to previous editions. different.

“As organizers, we have gained a deeper understanding of local needs and expectations for festival programming. We have also assessed our own and our partners’ capabilities to ensure we can deliver high-quality programming that meets community expectations,” he said.

The 2024 Nyanga Arts Festival will be hosted by traditional leaders including Chief Dakamela who will launch the event. His entourage will perform traditional hymns, adding to the rich cultural heritage of the occasion. In addition, they will also actively participate in subsequent programs to further enrich the festival experience.

In addition to celebrating art, artistic collaboration and cultural exchange, the festival will also provide a platform to raise environmental awareness, organizers said.

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