Music & Arts partners with Daddario to offer free string changes at more than 250 locations

Music & Arts partners with Daddario to offer free string changes at more than 250 locations

Music & Arts, one of America’s leading music retailers and lesson providers, has partnered with D’Addario, a renowned manufacturer of instrument strings and accessories, to celebrate World Stringing Day on Thursday, June 6, 2024.

Now in its third year, World String Changing Day is quickly becoming a beloved tradition among musicians around the world. This unique celebration recognizes the importance of replacing guitar strings, an often overlooked but essential aspect of music maintenance.

On June 6th, guitarists are invited to join the celebration at local Music & Arts stores. Every Music & Arts Center patron will receive a free set of D’Addario guitar strings (electric or acoustic) as well as free replacement strings. In addition, all customers can enjoy an exclusive in-store discount of 25% on D’Addario guitar accessories.

Through June 6, the Daddario Instagram account will be announcing a social media giveaway, encouraging players to post photos and videos of their string-changing sessions using the hashtag #WorldStringChangeDay. Attendees will have the chance to win the ultimate heavily-strung prize pack containing Taylor’s 50th Anniversary guitar, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

The goal of World String Replacement Day is simple – to inspire musicians to express their love for their instrument by replacing strings and even exploring new sounds from different string combinations. Music & Arts and Daddario are committed to making this year’s event a success and doing their best to engage and inspire musicians from around the world.

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