New World Duty Free launches Naul X Paul & Bani art and music space: Moodie Davitt Report

Paul & Bani launches third art collaboration at Shinsegae Duty Free City Center store in Myeongdong, Seoul

South Korea. Shinsegae Duty Free collaborates with famous Korean singer-songwriter Naul and travel retailers to launch “Art and Music Space” Recently launched Characters, Paul and Barney.

Located in an iconic area on the 10th floor of the Myeongdong store in Seoul, this innovative space is open to the public throughout June, offering visitors a unique art and music experience.

Inspired by Naul’s popular YouTube music show “NA’MM’SE, Naul’s World of Music” (, an art and music space that recreates a musician’s studio, allowing visitors to enjoy carefully curated playlists of soul, funk, jazz, pop, R&B and AOR.

The space featured Paul & Bani, showcasing Marshall’s Major 4 headphones and Stanmore 3 Black speakers. These products can be purchased at Shinsegae Duty Free Shop’s online mall (

Naul’s latest single “Soul Pop City” will debut tomorrow (June 4), following a special pre-release of his song “1993” on Arts & Music Space starting June 1.

A media façade in the iconic area is playing Paul & Bani’s music video, enhancing visitors’ audio-visual experience.

Throughout June, visitors can attend exclusive events featuring Marshall speakers and merchandise. In addition, exclusive products such as T-shirts and stickers can be purchased through Shinsegae Duty Free Shop’s SNS activities.

The pop-up space is equipped with high-quality furniture from Eastern Edition, reflecting Korean natural aesthetics with a modern twist. The company noted that the partnership follows a commercial agreement signed in February and marks an important step forward for Shinsegae Duty Free’s artistic brand plans.

Paul and Bani are characters created by New World Duty Free and embody a love of travel, art and music. The retailer says these characters are constantly seeking new inspiration and beauty, making them the perfect choice for this latest artistic collaboration.

Paul & Bani’s was born last November The first collaboration is with the global brand Off-White (As shown below).

As its second effort, iconic perfume Launched together with Eastern Edition, known as South Korea’s leading lifestyle brand.

New World Duty Free invites domestic and international visitors to explore an immersive art and music space that blends high-quality music, art and cultural experiences in what the retailer calls an innovative and engaging environment. ✈

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