East Orange’s Cicely Tyson Performing Arts School musicians shine at Six Flags in the Park Music Festival


Author: Richard Smith

Six Flags Great Adventure’s annual Music in the Park festival on Friday, May 31, 2024, was a meaningful event for students at the Cicely L. Tyson Community Performing Arts Academy in East Orange . Puerto Rican

Monmouth County officials told RLS Media that Jackson Liberty High School hosted this year’s festival. The festival celebrates school bands, choirs and orchestras from across the state.

According to Six Flags officials, the festival not only provides students with a fun and educational end-of-year experience, but also provides valuable feedback from well-respected conductors and directors.

The band was judged on stage, then had a fun day in the park, ending with the awards ceremony at Movie Time Arena.

The Cicely Tyson Symphony and Jazz Ensemble performed well this year, winning the trophy for Best Jazz Performance Orchestra.

student Lameel Cummings Jr., principal alto saxophonist, known for Joseph Zuwinal’s “Birdland” and Bobby Timmons’ ” Moanin’ won a gold medal for best solo performance.

The symphony orchestra played Samuel Hadzo’s “Suite for Seven” and Ralph Vaughan Williams’ “English Folk Song Suite”, and the overall performance received high praise.

“These orchestras are among the best I have ever encountered in my 30-year career,” said the orchestra director.

“Our trumpet soloists Nathaniel Labissiere and Ryan English lead our brass section, with oboist Ayanna Mixon (A’iyanna Mixon) gave a wonderful performance in the English Folk Suite.Cicely L. Tyson Community Academy of Performing Arts and Fine Arts

Six Flags officials told RLS Media that the festival, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, attracts bands from across the United States and Canada.

“It provides students with the opportunity to showcase their talents on a national stage, increases the visibility of their music programs and inspires students to pursue excellence.”


With constructive feedback from a team of experienced teachers, the festival ensures musical development continues until the end of the year, encouraging students to stay engaged and enthusiastic about their craft.

Students from the Cicely Tyson School of Acting and Fine Arts made the East Orange community proud by showcasing their hard work, talent and dedication in this “roller coaster of fun” and music education event in New Jersey .


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