King’s Birthday Honors 2024: Rotorua Bay of Plenty honors wildlife, community, arts and music stalwarts

Photo by Paul Jensen in 2006.

Paul (Scratch) Jensen

Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit

Providing services to wildlife conservation

Scratch Jansen has contributed to conservation since 1979 through roles with the New Zealand Wildlife Service and the Department of Conservation (DoC), most recently including senior roles on the Predator Free 2050 national vision. Consultancy positions.

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To protect Rotorua’s dwindling kōkako population, Jansen initiated research in the 1980s to protect the forest from clearing.

His early use of motion sensor cameras to identify possums preying on kōkako nests led to a major reassessment of the possum threat.

He developed techniques to capture and relocate kōkako to islands without natural predators, and the kōkako population increased from 200 pairs in 1999 to 2,000 pairs in 2020.

He was involved in pest removal on Mokoa Island in Lake Rotorua, working with local schools and iwi, and later translocating North Island robins, saddlebacks and brown kiwis.

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He assisted in clearing Mutola of pests and reintroducing threatened species.

From 1995 to 2006, he served as leader of the DoC Kakapo Rehabilitation Team, overseeing the increase in the Kakapo population from 50 to the current 250.

He provided innovative leadership, including intensive “hands-on” work with eggs, chicks, diet, and disease.

He became leader of the Kiwi Recovery Team in 2000 and was actively involved in the reintroduction of the North Island Brown Kiwi to Wellington and the Capital Kiwi Project.

Jensen helped design and implement the predator-proof fence at Cape Kidnappers Reserve.

Fraser Crompton William

King’s Service Medal

Serve the community

Fraser Lake has been a St John Ambulance service since 2006, serving Omori, Kuratau, Whareroa, Pukawa, Turang Turangi and the Western Gulf provided assistance.

Lake became a member of the St. John’s Regional Council in 2011 and became chairperson in 2013.

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He was the driving force behind the purchase of land in Turangi to build a new St John ambulance station because the existing building was deemed not to meet seismic standards. He played a key role in raising funds and assumed much of the project management of the building itself.

In 2011 he was instrumental in establishing the Taisen/West Taupo First Response Charitable Trust, providing a four-wheel drive first response vehicle to reach farms and bays and an advanced Equipment Lifepac 15 raising funds.

The purchase of the vehicle raised $35,000 and a further $28,000 was raised towards the purchase of a Lifepac 15.

Lake served as a member and deputy chief of the Omori Volunteer Fire Department from 2007 to 2014.

John Warner (Warner) Haldane

Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit

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Providing services to arts management, especially music management

Since 1974, Warner Haldane has volunteered with a variety of arts organizations at local, regional and national levels.

Haldane served on a number of arts governing boards, from the Association of Galleries and Museums in the 1970s and 1980s, to the New Zealand Choral Federation and the New Zealand Organ Association (NZOA) in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Served as NZOA National Secretary and Editor from 2002 to 2014 New Zealand Organ News He served as president from 2006 to 2018 and has been president since 2017.

He donated US$50,000 in 2022 to establish the New Zealand Organ Music Foundation and serves as trustee and secretary.

He has been Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bay of Plenty Music School since 2008 and has led a number of initiatives to keep the organization in good hands.

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He has held roles with numerous local music, arts and community organizations in Whakatane as well as Dunedin and Gisborne.

He has served as a member of the Gisborne Community Arts Council, the Gisborne Music Society, the Unity Theater Committee and as Chairman of the Gisborne Theater Management Committee.

He was the first President of the Whakatāne Community Orchestra from 2009 to 2013 and was instrumental in developing the organization’s constitution.

He is the current Vice-President and former President of the Whakatane Music Society.

Haldane organized local concerts featuring national and international organ players.

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