Cappadocia Music Festival: where art and music meet in Cappadocia

The Cappadocia Music Festival, now in its fifth edition, continues to bring new perspectives and vitality to Cappadocia. Contemporary art, fine dining and high-profile concerts remain somewhat of a rarity in a region known for boutique cave hotels, stunning views, hot air balloon rides, underground rock cities, rustic-chic pottery and outdoor experiences.

Volkswagen is a major supporter of the festival and offers participants a unique experience with its newly designed third-generation Tiguan. Cappadox participants had the opportunity to become familiar with Volkswagen’s new SUV models. In the magical scenery of Cappadocia, Tiguan provides a first-class driving experience with its advanced technology, near-perfect aerodynamic design and comfort comparable to high-end models.

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Cappadocia Music Festival in Cappadocia as a guest of Volkswagen. Known for its surreal landscapes and historical significance, Cappadocia provides a magical setting that enhances the festival’s eclectic offerings. This year’s festival, with the theme “Changing Skies”, features music, contemporary art, food and a variety of outdoor activities, including the unique natural beauty of Cappadocia integrated with the new Tiguan.

Three flying saucers with carved spaces on a collapsed facade in Cappadocia, Turkey, May 26, 2024.

This year’s Cappadox Art Festival’s contemporary art program is themed “Changing Skies” in memory of Fulya Erdemci, founder and curator of the Cappadox Contemporary Art Program (who died in 2022) . The project will welcome visitors until June 13. Reflecting on their shared experiences and encounters six years later, the multi-layered history, culture and physical geography of West Asia gradually formed.

three eyes

When I visited Uchisar Castle, I was deeply impressed by the artwork of Halil Altındere and Ayşe Erkmen. Their works are highlights of the Cappadox 2024 contemporary art programme. , these spaces naturally erode time.

Star Wars: Cappadocia

One of my favorite art works is the space-themed digital installation “Space Refugees” at Uchisar Castle and the 3D animated film “Star Wars: Cappadocia”. The starting point of “Space Refugees” is that if no country in the world accepts refugees, then let’s colonize them on Mars. The artist shot this video in Cappadocia because its overall appearance was perfect for creating a similar effect to Mars. One of the installation’s main features is a film about former Syrian cosmonaut Muhammed Ahmet Faris, who traveled to the Mir space station aboard the Soviet spacecraft Soyuz TM-3 in 1987 Went on a 7 day trip.

On May 26, 2024, two aliens sat in a cave in a space-themed environment in Cappadocia, Turkey.

The charm of food is fascinating

Finally, Cappadox’s musical program offers participants a magical and unforgettable experience that touches all the senses and combines the unique beauty of nature with captivating performances. Famous musicians from Turkey and around the world, such as Mercan Dede, Ulla and Casper Clausen, greet the dawn in the stunning valleys of Cappadocia. Meanwhile, artists such as Gevende, Teoman, Mammal Hands, Jordan Rakei, Büyük Ev Ablukada and Lalalar took attendees on a magical journey. In addition, the festival combines culinary fun with exploration, with Chef Mustafa Otar and his team from MSA offering unforgettable open-fire cooking experiences in nature, and gastronomic tasting sessions hosted by Levon Bağış to introduce participants Different flavors.

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