Korean rapper Sik-K canceled Pinkfish Music and Arts Festival due to drug use controversy?

In addition to the highly anticipated annual Good Vibes Festival in late July this year, music fans are also looking forward to the Pinkfish Music and Arts Festival 2024, which will be held on June 8 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach! Fans will enjoy international acts such as Armin van Buuren and Miss Monique as well as local acts such as DOLLA and Ismail Izzani.

Korean rapper Sik-K (식케Been) was also scheduled to perform at the upcoming event, but unfortunately, the artist lineup has changed. Here’s the thing:

Source: IG/pinkfishfestival

Yesterday (Wednesday, May 29), organizers of the 2024 Pinkfish Music and Arts Festival announced on social media that due to unforeseen circumstances, Sik-K will no longer perform at the upcoming event. “We sincerely apologize to fans who have been eagerly anticipating his performance and understand this may be disappointing news,” the statement read.

Organizers added that the festival will go ahead as scheduled and hope everyone can still have a good time. While the actual reason for the sudden lineup change wasn’t specified, many believe it may have something to do with the rapper’s legal troubles earlier this year.

According to South Korean media reports, Sik-K was involved in a drug-taking case in January, and it was reported that Sik-K surrendered to the police while still unconscious after surgery. But at the time, his identity was not revealed as the case was still under investigation. It was not until April last month that information about his drug possession and drug use was made public.

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The artist was originally scheduled to perform at the Hip Hop Playa music festival in Seoul on May 4, but was later removed from the lineup, possibly due to the drug controversy. So now begs the question, was he removed from the Pinkfish Music and Arts Festival for the same reason? We may never get the answer, but we do hope that disappointed fans looking forward to his work will still be able to enjoy the festival.

Source: Instagram, Soompi, Reddit

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