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Authors: Andriana Simos and Takis Triadafillou

It’s a musical collaboration they never expected or knew they needed in their lives…until now.

Internationally renowned Greek singer Dimitris Basis will join students from Sydney’s Newtown High School for the Performing Arts (NHSPA) in a concert titled “Music from the Heart” on Tuesday 4 June On the show. The concert, which will start at 7pm in Newtown’s St George’s Hall, aims to break down cultural and language barriers through music.

“This project is the most impressive thing I’ve ever done,” Basis said greek herald Exclusive coverage of upcoming concerts.

“Seeing a Greek singer in an Australian school, having students perform Greek music and understand the importance of Greek music – for me, that was the most touching thing.”

Dimitris Foundation Newtown High School for the Performing Arts
Basis performed with students at Newtown High School for the Performing Arts in 2019 and 2021.

unexpected collaboration

Said Ula George, NHSPA Careers Advisor and Production Coordinator greek herald The collaboration began in 2008 when Basis performed on the Greek island of Samos, and Emlyn Lewis-Jones (music teacher and concert music director at Newtown Performing Arts High School) happened to be in the audience.

Emlyn was so impressed by Bassis’ performance that he followed his musical journey – but had no idea their paths would intersect so meaningfully in the future.

While Basis was touring Australia in 2018, the pair eventually enlisted the help of Sydney Greek Festival president Nia Karteris, who arranged a meeting at the school to discuss a possible concert featuring NHSPA students and Basis as a Program for the 2019 festival.

After listening to the orchestra and choir rehearsals, Basis was impressed by the students’ musical talent and expressed a strong interest in collaborating on the concert.

As they say, the rest is history.

Since then, Basis has collaborated with NHSPA students on two concerts: “Byzantium to Zorba” in 2019 and “200 Years: A Celebration of Greek Music” in 2021 to commemorate the bicentenary of the start of the Greek War of Independence. This year’s new concert “Heart Music” will attract even more audiences. All are supported by the Sydney Greek Festival and the Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales (GOCNSW).

Dimitris Foundation Newtown High School for the Performing Arts
past performance.

“An excellent opportunity”

Any concert requires hard work, and Emling said his students at NHSPA have embraced that ahead of “Music from the Heart” on June 4.

“Our students are very excited to be part of this unique experience. The orchestra is committed to rehearsing twice a week at 7.30am before school and the choir rehearses after school until 5pm,” Emling told us Greek Herald.

For the concert, Besis chose music from artists he grew up with, including Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros Xarchakos and Dimitris Mitropanos. The lyrics and music of these songs evoke a range of human emotions such as passion, love, pain, loss, struggle, joy and hope.

Emilene said the unique song series excites students.

“Working with such an internationally renowned artist in a genre outside of their usual experience is a fantastic opportunity for students, something they learn from and will remember forever,” he said.

Basis couldn’t agree more.

“I’ve met kids under 18 and 17 and I see myself in them. They remind me of when I first started performing and dreamed of becoming a singer… I love it,” says the Greek said the singer.

“For me, I think this concert is very important because Greek music can be heard in Australian schools and children will fall in love with Greek music.”

Dimitris Basis and Newtown High School of the Performing Arts will present “Music from the Heart” on Tuesday, June 4 at 7pm at St. George’s Hall, Newtown (354 King Street) “concert. Ticket details: https://greekfestivalofsydney.com.au/event/music-from-the-heart/

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