Arts and music festival planned to coincide with bison release

For the first time in decades, bison (animals) are returning to bison (bison) communities.

To commemorate the edition, a music and art party has been arranged.

Bison once roamed the West in large herds, but overhunting and a lack of protection drove the animals to the brink of extinction. Much of the damage has healed, but there is still work to be done.

That’s why advocates say plans like the release of Perkins County are such a powerful symbol. Folk musician and writer – and occasional SDPB contributor – Eliza Blue is organizing the event.

“We call it ‘welcoming our new neighbors,'” Blue said. “So, he has a small ranch outside of town and he’s bringing in a small herd of yearling heifers that will be released on June 1. My organization, Kithship Collective, is very excited and inspired by him and this project. So, we wanted to do a music and arts festival to help him.

The animals were released by ranch owner Sion Hanson.

The bison is not only a symbol of local culture, but also an important ecological regulator.

“Obviously, bison are an important species in grassland ecosystems,” Blue said. .

All of this creates a celebration of the animal’s return.

“There will be music, there will be artists talking. We just want anyone who’s interested to come hang out,” Blue said. This will be more of a party than a concert. It’s just an opportunity for people to come together and build community.

The event will be held Saturday at 310 West Main St., Bison Township, from 2 to 5 p.m.

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