CAMP holds art, music workshops in LLRIB community this week

Eliza Doyle leads a group of attendees at a music workshop at Stanley Mission. (Submitted photo/Eliza Doyle)

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May 27, 2024 | 4:34 pm

The Community Arts Mentoring Program (CAMP) is hosting workshops this week at six Lac La Ronge Indian Band communities.

Sponsored by Lac La Ronge Indian Child and Family Services (ICFS), the first workshop was held on Sunday at Stanley Church. The seminar was geared toward families, and the Stanley Mission event attracted 50 participants.

“We try to provide everyone with all the arts classes that CAMP has to offer, so we have Holly Yuzicapi who is doing visual arts, Eliza Doyle who is doing instruments and music, Zoe Slusar (ZHE the Free is her artist name) who is doing Fashion Jump programming, and get the kids moving, moving, dancing. And then myself, I do drama with the kids and play community-building games with them through those exercises,” said LJ Kimbley, executive director of CAMP.

“We’re trying to determine what else we can do to better serve these communities. Would they prefer a hip-hop program? Would they prefer learning things like guitar and ukulele and orchestra and drums? Or would they be more suited Visual arts? That’s what we’re trying to do. They might enjoy that, and then we’ll know how to better serve remote and underserved communities.

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