Ned once again wows fans as Stourbridge celebrates his musical and artistic creativity.

Fans came from far and wide to see the small-town band try to relive the heady days of their youth in the early ’90s, when they hit the big time with Black Country bands The Wonderstuff and Pop Will Eat.


One fan is from Connecticut in the US, another from Switzerland, many more from remote parts of the UK and many more nearby. Many have seen Ned more than 30 times, but all say the show is unforgettable.


The all-day event, held in beautiful weather, is called “One Heart One Way”, named after Stourbridge’s motto since 1917. in many ways, including its musical legacy.

The event, co-ordinated by Dudley Borough Halls with Ned frontman Jonn Penney, aims to celebrate the town’s musical heritage but, in his words, also “Awaken it and encourage future generations”.

Ned’s Atomic Bin lights up the stage Photo: Dave Cox

Ned played their first gig at the famous venue The Miter on Lower High Street. Next to the city hall. Three bands played there on Saturday, with performances also taking place at the Claptrap, Duke William and The Talbot Hotel, and on the open air stage throughout the day.

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin frontman Jonn Penney at the Independent Music Festival Photo: Dave Cox

Earlier in the day, City Hall also hosted a record expo, songwriting session and music memorabilia exhibition in association with Record Culture.

Jon said: “Stourbridge was exceptional in terms of musical output and influence, and in the 1990s when our band followed Pop Will Eat Itself and Something Amazing When breakthroughs came later, the town was a true bedrock of creativity.

“I think it can still be achieved if people feel like they’re involved in a creative community, and that’s what the One Heart One Way Festival is all about.”

Kelly Martin, venues manager at Stourbridge Council, said: “One Heart One Way is a partnership with the town’s venues and businesses to celebrate the huge impact music has had on the town, both past and present.

“We hope this will be the first of many and inspire a new wave of participation from music lovers and players.”

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