Arts and Crafts: “Koko et Kiki”

Sunday Music Drop is a weekly radio series hosted by KQED’s weekend news team. In each section, we play a song by a local musician or band and an upcoming show, and learn about what inspired their music.

San Francisco’s Arts and Crafts is a three-piece rock band with influences from jazz, psychedelic rock, world music, Arabic music, Latin music and math rock. The band likes to play with strange time signatures and musical patterns.

The band members (guitarist Noam Teyssier, bassist Nadia Aquil and drummer Jeff Klein) originally met on Craigslist and Tinder They met on the Internet and participated in a four-person project with the singer. Soon they realized they preferred writing and recording music as a trio and began working on their first EP.

“Koko et Kiki” is the first song on the album Petrarca and recorded in a haunted house they rented in Petrolia, California. The song title is the name of the owners, Koko and Kiki, the two women who greet them when they arrive at the house. It has a fun vibe and features sounds from their first show and the woods outside the house.

“When I listened to the song, I definitely went back to the recording process and had a week to really immerse myself in the creation,” Klein said. “When your song has no lyrics, there’s usually no obvious choice what to call the song, unless it directly references a favorite piece of music. But we can’t call it “quick,” or you can, but it almost becomes A blank canvas for fun little creative exercises [to] Just put a few words together to prepare their mind for what they’re about to hear.

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