Festival in downtown Kitchener showcases art, music, food and culture

Waterloo Region’s best art, music and food will be on display in downtown Kitchener on Saturday.

Pallete X Palate takes place throughout the afternoon and evening and is hosted by the BIA in downtown Kitchener.

The inaugural event runs from noon to 10 p.m. and takes place throughout the city center.

“Arts and culture are just opportunities to help people be inclusive,” said Linda Jutzi, executive director of the Kitchener Downtown BIA. “It gives people inclusive opportunities. “There are no barriers to that. Everything is free. It’s just an opportunity to come to the heart of the city and be part of it.”

The event will bring a unique experience to city center shoppers, allowing them to explore unique creations and support local artists and vendors at the pop-up art market in Vogelsang Green.

The day will also feature the opportunity to sample fusion flavors, with local restaurants and chefs working with artists to create unique food and art pairings.

There will also be a sidewalk sale featuring products from popular downtown businesses.

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