South Carolina Philharmonic and Artistic Ability bring music to local jails

Orchestra partners with nonprofit Arts Ability to plan series of concerts in South Carolina prison settings

this South Carolina Philharmonic Already with artistic ability — a charitable nonprofit organization that brings live chamber music, art, artists and composers to prison centers. The organizations will perform concerts at Camille Graham Correctional Facility in Columbia, The Washington Post and The Courier wrote.

ArtsCapacity was founded by famous violinist Holly Mulcahy, he explained that this new initiative is in line with the non-profit organization’s goal of helping those in need through the power of art, culture, communication and live music. In the hope that art can help people cope with challenges and develop the ability to change for good, Lexington County Register reports.

Likewise, existing prison music programs include jazz musicians Steve SimonThe Kings of Jazz Band has performed at Perry Correctional Facility in Pelzer, South Carolina, and provided inmates with their own donated instruments for them to practice and perform on.

Mulcahy hopes that the direction of the concert will be guided by the incarcerated people in attendance and that the performance will take into account their musical preferences. Arts Ability will also continue to collect data to measure its impact – data that tracks prosocial behaviour, emotional intelligence, how people connect with their families and recidivism.

this The Lexington Chronicle wrote SC Philharmonic Director of Education and Community Outreach says Susan CaffertyThe orchestra hopes its new initiatives with artistic abilities will become long-term plans.

Cafferty added that if the program develops further, the orchestra plans to offer free concert subscriptions to participants upon launch. Twenty SC Philharmonic musicians have expressed interest in participating in the Arts Ability Partnership, and the program’s first concert is scheduled for later this year.

“We are excited to partner with the South Carolina Philharmonic to deliver the powerful power of music not just within prison walls, but through the corridors of family connections and community ties,” Mulcahy says. “Through our joint efforts, we aim to promote healing, strengthen family bonds and promote personal growth for participants. Through this partnership, we aspire to build an impact that reaches far beyond the correctional system, in families and communities a future that produces positive results within.

“I am deeply honored to work alongside the South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra in bringing the uplifting essence of music to South Carolina’s incarcerated people,” she continued. “Music has the ability to transcend barriers and not only lift spirits but strengthen the foundations of families and communities. We are eager to share our passion and build an embrace with those who can benefit most from its transformative impact Contribute to a future of connected and shared growth forces.

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