ASL professor hired to promote sign language music at Academy of Deaf Arts

Jody Cripps, assistant professor of American Sign Language (ASL), continues to advocate for greater awareness and development of sign language music.

Earlier this year, Cripps was appointed professor of sign language music at the Academy of Deaf Arts. The Academy is supported by the Canadian Deaf Cultural Association, which organizes a festival to celebrate Canadian Deaf arts and culture. Cripps will participate in a conference on emerging art forms in Deaf culture June 16-22 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

His responsibilities include creating the Sign Language Music curriculum for the Academy of Deaf Arts as one of the Sign Language Arts at the Academy of Deaf Arts, interpreting sign language music and encouraging musical creativity among Deaf professionals.

This is an exciting time for Deaf performers and community members to explore more of their own music—signature music.

JODY CRIPPS, Assistant Professor of American Sign Language (ASL)

In addition to his research on signature music, Cripps established and maintained unique partnerships between his students and the Martha’s Vineyard Museum.

Jody Cripps, assistant professor at the American Sign Language Association, explains where sign language music comes from and why it is so important to the deaf community.

More information about Clemson ASL

Clemson University is one of only 172 four-year institutions that fully recognizes ASL as a unique and complex language. It is also the only public university in South Carolina to offer a bachelor’s degree in modern languages ​​in American Sign Language. Clemson University has offered ASL since 2000.

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