Madlib previews new collaborative album with Freddie Gibbs: “Montana Next Up”

Madlib is one of the most diverse careers in hip-hop. In fact, he’s so versatile that much of his music doesn’t even fit within the constraints of the genre. However, what makes him a Hall of Fame producer is his ability to bring out the best in rappers. madvileni Considered by many to be the high water mark of MF Doom, the same applies to pinata and Freddie Gibbs. Madlib knows how to make them sound flawless, which is why fans are so excited about his reunion with the latter.

Madlib’s quirky production and Freddy Gibbs’ gruff performance double the magic. pinata and Bandana are as critically acclaimed as hip-hop albums. pinataIn particular, the pair recently played a show to mark their tenth anniversary. Madlib and Gibbs (aka MadGibbs) took to the rooftops of New York City on May 11, and they took the opportunity to drop a bombshell on those in attendance. In short, MadGibbs is making another album. The title will follow the words ending in “A” from the first two templates.

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Madlib confirms ‘Montana’ will be released in 2024

Madlib was the one to make the official announcement.At first glance, it seems that he is just hyping people up, but actually he is hyping up Montana. “Are you ready for Freddy Gibbs?” he asked the crowd. ‘[I’m] About to throw this live stream at you all. Montana The producer didn’t provide a release date, but considering the speed at which he and Gibbs are working, fans won’t have to wait too long. scarfboth artists released multiple albums during that time.

Confirmation Montana Especially good news for Gibbs fans. The rapper spoke at length about Madlib’s influence on his music. He told GQ that he was initially reluctant to complain about such a crazy production, but it’s made him a better person. “It definitely made me a better lyricist because I didn’t really want to rap over that beat,” he noted. “I was like, okay, this is going to be the basis for all this shit. Because it sounds like Wu-Tang Clan shit.” We’re hoping the new album will be more of the same.

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