Sting’s Music Tells the Story of “Message in a Bottle” May 14-19 at Ensemble Arts in Philadelphia

Philadelphia (WPVI) — “Message in a Bottle” will have its Philadelphia premiere at the Miller Theatre.

“This is a really fun dance show by British hip-hop choreographer Kate Prince,” said Frances Egler, vice president of theater programming and presentations for the Philadelphia Arts Company.

“People were in awe of what was happening on stage,” said Lucas MacFarlane, associate choreographer of “Message in a Bottle.”

It features music by 17-time Grammy Award-winning artist Sting.

“This is 100 percent a dance show,” McFarlane said. “We’re not singing on stage. It’s all told through his voice.”

“I was kind of blown away by it. My reaction was very emotional,” Sting said.

The music and lyrics tell a poignant story.

“It’s based on the idea of ​​war-torn countries, refugees and displacement,” said Kate Prince, director, choreographer and creator of “Message in a Bottle.”

The play focuses on a family separated by war.

“It tells the story of three siblings who become refugees,” said MacFarlane, who also plays one of the siblings named Leto.

He said the family had “love, support, security” from the beginning, but as refugees, all that was taken away from them.

Choreographer Kate Prince performed many different styles of dance.

“The dance and energy on stage was palpable,” Sting said.

MacFarlane said viewers will see stunning break dancing, as well as hip-hop styles such as locking and popping. Also included are some modern, technology-driven styles.

“The skill, the flips, the agility and the power that some of these dancers have, it’s extraordinary,” Prince said.

You’ll hear favorites like “Roxanne,” “Walking On The Moon” and “Every Breath You Take.”

“It’s really, really touching, that each of these brothers and sisters has a completely different journey,” MacFarlane said.

Prince called the work a “very beautiful story about humanity and hope.”

“Message in a Bottle” will be performed at the Miller Theater from May 14-19.

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