Rapper Macklemore releases new song for Palestine

Macklemore releases a new song for Palestine.

title Hind Hall, a song inspired by the student protests currently happening around the world. It also paid tribute to Hind Rajab, a 6-year-old Palestinian child who was recently killed by Israeli forces in Gaza while waiting for help.

This song samples Firouz’s song Anna La Habibi, brings a familiar voice to one of the most famous singers in the Arab world. Running time is less than three minutes, Hind Hall Several issues are addressed, including police brutality, American politics, white supremacy, social media censorship, and student activism.

In the song, Macklemore criticizes the status quo, questioning why divestment from Israel and calls for peace and equal peace action are seen as threats.

“People, they won’t leave / What’s the threat of defunding and wanting peace? / The problem isn’t the protest, it’s what they protest / That goes against our country’s funding / Block the roadblocks until Palestine is free,” he begins rapping .

Throughout the song, the American rapper continues to talk about issues related to the Israel-Gaza war. He called attention to the role of law enforcement and systemic structures in perpetuating oppression.

“Actors wear badges to protect property/And there’s a system designed by white supremacists/But people take to the streets/You can pay Meta, but you can’t pay me.”

He concluded by urging the audience to consider standing up for justice, especially in solidarity with Palestine, while praising those who have already done so.

“What are you willing to risk? / What are you willing to give? / What if you were in Gaza? / What if those were your children?” he raps in the song.

“You wanted the world to stand up/and students finally did.”

Although the song is not yet available on streaming platforms, Macklemore said that once it does, all proceeds from the song will be donated to UNRWA. As of this writing, the song’s clip has been viewed over 7.1 million times on Instagram and over 5.3 million times on X.

For Macklemore’s regional fans, the rapper will perform at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena on October 4.

social media response

Gaza photojournalist Motaz Azaiza, who appears in the video, commented with five clapping emojis.

Tom Morello, a musician who participated in “Rage Against the Machine”, expressed his thoughts on X:

User Mohammadfff_ wrote: “@Macklemore is the real man. We Palestinians will never forget who stands with us.

“Every revolution needs a song, music is very important. There are 100 of these lyrics, thank you.

User Kaedence__ said: “We’ll be shouting from our campsite tomorrow.”

Macklemore’s Palestinian Activism

This is not the first time Macklemore has publicly expressed support for Palestine. In October, he signed an open letter calling for a ceasefire and an end to Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

In November, he spoke at a pro-Palestinian rally in Washington, D.C., accusing Israel of committing genocide.

“When I say Free Palestine, it’s not directed at anyone. It really means we should protect everyone,” he said in an Instagram Reel in December.

“It means equality, respect, peace and love for all. It means the right to live, no matter what sector you come from…Innocent people in Gaza are being killed by our dollars, and these precious lives are an extension of us.

Earlier this year, Macklemore was seen at a concert in Arizona where the crowd surfed while waving fan bandanas.

Update time: 8:00 am on May 7, 2024

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