Saudi Arabian music star Mohammed Abdul is undergoing cancer treatment

One of the Arab world’s biggest music stars, Mohammed Abdo, is undergoing treatment for cancer.

The Saudi musician has been receiving professional treatment in Paris.

Abdul, 74, expressed optimism about his prospects of beating prostate cancer in an audio message to music channel Rotana.

“I assure you that my health is good, Alhamdulillah,” he said.

Abdul said he was diagnosed with the disease not long ago. He received radiation therapy and medication to prevent it from spreading.

“The side effects of radiation are much less than other procedures, surgeries. I take medicine every three months,” he told the channel.

“The initial tests were very good, praise God. The cancer enzymes dropped a lot. So, I bring you good news, praise God.

“I assure you that your prayers are a factor in success and healing.”

Abdu is best known for his Khaleeji music staples Massa Al Khair and al amakin. His charismatic and emotional performances are popular with fans across the Middle East.

For decades he has been singing Arabic hits, composed by some of the Arab world’s most famous poets and music composers. He is often called the “Arab Artist”.

Abdo and other Saudi artists have been at the forefront of the kingdom’s entertainment boom in recent years.

The country’s music venues, which previously had strict controls on performances, are now packed with line-ups for music, sports and video games.

Updated: May 6, 2024 5:06 am

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