Music teachers at Durban Arts College offer free music lessons

“I realized that kids today have this hidden, dormant talent for playing music. When we really tap into it, they unleash their truly creative side.” – Joshua Mudriyar .

a kid playing guitar
Kid Playing Guitar/Facebook/@ExpressiveArtsCollege

Obviously, music is our source of energy and we live for it because it brings waves of emotions into our lives.

We have music for every mood and we believe music can heal anything. It can even bring you a sense of calm or be the answer to a life decision you’re struggling with.

The Northglenn News recently reported an interesting story about music and how a music teacher in Durban “believes that almost every child has a latent musical talent just waiting to be discovered and embraced”.

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Joshua Moodliar, director of Umhlanga Ridge School of Expressive Arts in Durban, reveals that music has been a part of his life since he was young.

He firmly believes that every child has hidden musical talents, and once discovered, they can display rich creativity.

Moodliar has been teaching children to play music for over a decade and a half, so it’s obvious that he has a passion for teaching. So enthusiastic, he has an exclusive offer for April and May.

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Moodliar is offering free music lessons to 50 children aged three and over.

“Another fun music challenge for families to participate in is the Ed Sheeran Challenge by Moodliar, where families choose their favorite Ed Sheeran song, take a free lesson and perform it with their family.” (Northglenn News)

It is so inspiring to see him adapt his teaching style to suit his students. This is ultimately what parents and society expect from their children; teaching methods evolve to suit children’s interests to make learning fun and engaging.

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