Plans to rebuild new home for music and arts in Skelmersdale

Skelmersdale music venue operators hope to create a new arts and entertainment venue in the center of the town.

He is also interested in the possibility of redeveloping Skelmersdale’s 1960s or 1970s city center buildings and areas into new spaces for music, art and events.

Steven Horrocks. The operators of E Rooms also spoke about the challenges faced by grassroots music venues today; recent challenges faced by other venues in Manchester and Wigan, as well as Skelmersdale’s own music and culture mix, which includes Lancashire and Liverpool of impacts – from urban, rural and new town environments.

The E Rooms, located near Westgate, houses concert, rehearsal and recording studios. It hosts small performances, comedy, art, karaoke and educational events. He said people were attending from across the region, including Skelmersdale, West Lancashire, Wigan and Kirkby near Liverpool.

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E Rooms supports grassroots music but has links with more established pop and rock musicians including Simon Tong from The Verve, Gorillaz and The Magnetic North. The band Magnetic North, which includes singers Hannah Peel and Gawain Erland Cooper, has an album called Prospect of Skelmersdale, which is a tribute to the city. An exploration of small towns, including influences from Lancashire and Liverpool. Lily Moore, the daughter of rock star guitarist Gary Moore, also played at the E Rooms.

Steve said: “Shen Yun has a connection with Wigan because they played there in the early days. But they come from the Skelmersdale and Upper Holland area. They were there before the Electronic Rooms in Skelmersdale. showed up. But Simon is a big supporter of ours and he never forgets where he comes from.”

Skelmersdale has been the focus of a variety of initiatives in recent years, including community history projects, visual arts, photography, design and publishing. For example, Glassball Studios has published a community history and photography book called Skelmersdale: A New Town, Glassball’s Illume public art programme, a photography exhibition at Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery and a partnership with Preston Lancashire Cooperation with archives. Current projects include the preservation of a 3D new town planning model for Skelmersdale.

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