Local artists take over Kingsland Station for ‘Take It to the Street’ music event

Photo: Island Base FM

Kingsland’s Royal Plaza Train Station will come alive with music from local talent every Saturday in May, thanks to “Take it to the streets” free music events island base and fringe zone.

The event is designed to showcase a diverse line-up of artists from Island Base Masterclass, a program dedicated to supporting and mentoring young musicians.

Island Base Trust founder and managing director Jasmin Lolesio described the event as “the culmination of hard work and skill development”, with emerging artists working with mentors to create a sense of community.

Project leader and vocal coach Sandy Mill agreed, saying the event was more than just a performance, it was a platform for emerging artists to “spread their wings” alongside established musicians.

Island Base is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth in the South Pacific through music instruction.

The program’s mentors, experienced local artists and industry experts are dedicated to promoting the next generation of musicians.

Through Take to the Streets, attendees can experience the transformative power of music and the vibrant creativity of emerging artists.

To find out more about the program, visit the Masterclass page on the Island Base FM website.

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